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Friday, June 19, 2015

I Found Love

It's Friday, we've made it through another week or if you're like me and every other photographer in the world you're probably just gearing up for a weekend full of weddings or photo shoots, I have 4 great photo shoots this weekend starting with a much anticipated pre-wedding shoot this afternoon, 3 family photo shoots tomorrow and 1 on Sunday, not so much work that I feel overwhelmed but enough so I can feel that I can actually support us all.  I've started to write a weekly target on the hall board, it gives me something to focus on, something to aim to smash and I do always aim to smash it, even if sometimes it's more wishful thinking than the actuality of my life.

I've worked so hard this past few months to get us all back on track so that if any of the kids needed anything I could at least say "oh, yeah we can go out and get it on...." rather than "um, ah, I just don't know when we can do that"

There's much to do and we have a way still to go but I do at least feel like we're on the right track for the first time in what has sometimes seemed like an age.

One lesson I've definitely learnt is to never get too comfortable, never get complacent, never stop pushing, whilst the statement that you only have to be good enough still stands it can actually be quite difficult to achieve that.

Of course what it all comes down to is love, that magical four letter word, love has always been my buzzword, it's the thing I've always craved in so many forms for when you have love you can achieve anything and to achieve anything you must have love, love for what you do, love for yourself and love for others, it's love that keeps pushing us, love that makes us search, love that drives us to meet our goals, it is that which gets us through the darkest nights and the lightest days, it is always there in many forms but sometimes it can feel like it's eluding us, maybe because we only think of love in it's most traditional form.

I am however the luckiest because since December I have all the love in the world, someone who loves me no matter what I do, some one who cuddles me when I'm happy or sad, someone who is happy to see me even when I am as grumpy and crotchety as a sour faced fish pastille, it's totally unconditional and absolutely unfailing, who is it?

Holly the Beagle of course!

Have a great weekend, whatever you're doing.

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