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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Captains Log - Update 16615

It's been a week, as they say, I don't particularly think anything staggering happened, my attempts to "nail the crim" in the police identity parade were fruitless, I think I am never going to be a crime fighting superhero with tights.  Perhaps it's best to just stick to being a secret superhero after all.

I want to give a big online hug to my lovely friend Gill who's beloved beagle Tess went to the rainbow bridge last night, Holly and I send all of our love and we lit a candle last night to help her beautiful paws find that special bridge.

Last week contained a lot of working hard and not enough walking hard though I did get a new Fitbit Charge because I found when I wasn't wearing one I was even more of a lazy lump than usual, I did achieve wonders for Mandy Charlton Photography though, It's a funny thing isn't it but the harder you work the better results you'll get, heehee, I know this of course but I'm the queen of procrastination and so easily distracted so it's quite surprising that I have just about come to the end of my Ebay escapades, I have a couple more items and 1 more pair of Irregular Choice to list and then I am done, the amount of stuff we seem to have gotten rid of is actually noticeable, it's amazing the things you hang onto even if you don't need them.  I do still have far too many craft supplies but I brought a box upstairs last week to start listing them and I looked at them, muttered "ooh no, you're too pretty" and quickly put the lid back on the box.  Who know's, maybe my new and fabulous streamlined life and business will let me do some occasionally crafty things!  I think I have to be really strict with myself though and if I don't do any crafting in the next 3 months it's a definite sign that I need to let them go.

Looby and I are getting quite excited about our week in Edinburgh during the summer holidays, just over a month to go and I am searching for dog friendly things to do and places to go, if you're in Edinburgh and have any top tips where we should go with Holly then do let us know.  I will also have my cameras with me when I am in Edinburgh so if you are local or have friends and family who want beautiful natural photos please tell them to get in touch

Summer is nearly upon us, I can almost touch it, you can see the kids are tired and ready for the 6 week break, and one look at the teachers at school tells the exact same story, school is hard on small people and even harder on the hard working teachers, they truly all deserve the 6 week break.  I'm not sure what I'll do when my children don't go to school anymore, the school holidays have always been my holidays too and September is more of a new year for me than January is, maybe I need to get Holly into Beagle school, heehee!

I'll be back this week with several exciting posts yet to be written, cupcake making, teeny weeny cute photo books from Printrbook and I still haven't shared all of the lovely images from our Edinburgh half term trip yet, so many words and pictures so little time!


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