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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

5 Great reasons to have some family photos with Newcastle Photographer Mandy Charlton

It's that time of year isn't it?  The relaxed living of summer is nearly upon us, the winding down, the adventures, the promise of sunshine to come.

Each year for one week only I have a wee voucher sale, it always goes down so well as my lovely clients buy them for their future sessions in Autumn when it's the peak photography season, they buy them for presents or they just want some glorious summer portraits on the beach, in the park and of course they make the perfect gift for Fathers Day.

So all you need to do is email me and then I will invoice you for £25 instead of the usual £40 session cost, you're basically getting a 1 hour session at either Jesmond Dene, Saltwell Park, Leazes Park, Heaton Park, Tynemouth Longsands and many other places, my rule is that as long as it's within those kind of boundaries and easy for me to get to I will come and photograph you there, please check first if it's somewhere random as there might be a little extra for travel.  You get a web gallery for 30 days, you get 15% off all of your orders placed in the first 7 days (with further print prices starting at just £10 for a 7x5, £13 for a 10x8 and £15 for a 12x8) and you also get a complimentary 12x8 print.  Lets just think about that for a moment, that's one pretty fantastic offer and it's no surprise that these vouchers went down a storm last year.

I do need a little help on Facebook though, if you see the above photo (and it's on Facebook now) please share this post with your friends and family, Facebook won't permit me to ask you to do that without disappearing me but I can do it on my blog ;)

There are so many reasons to do this here's just 5 of them - 

  1. You want portraits of your family, beautiful relaxed moments you can remember forever
  2. Your granny wants to have portraits of her great grandchildren
  3. Your dad is never in photographs, give him a voucher for Fathers Day and he can't refuse
  4. Your mum lives in France/America/Australia/Bognor Regis and would love new family portraits of you all
  5. You think you might be famous one day and you might need some photos to send to the newspapers
Well you never know now do you?  But that's at least 5 great reasons to have some gorgeous family photos or maybe you just want me to sing my award winning (in my head) rendition of Wind the Bobbin Up, seriously, it's a future album release just waiting to happen!

There's also the reason of course that you'll just get some beautiful moments captured that you can pop on your walls and in frames and stare at lovingly until this time next year when you can do it all again!

Have a wonderful day and if you'd like a voucher just hit that email button


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