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Sunday, June 07, 2015

This week = Too Much Drama!

It's Sunday morning and I'm sitting on my bed, Holly is sleeping on the end having decided that it's far too early to actually contemplate doing anything, I love these lazy weekend mornings, my first photo shoot at ten was rescheduled due to a poorly child which means I don't have to be in Saltwell Park until 11am.  It's nice to have just a little extra time to chill and reflect on the week gone by.

I have to say that this week has contained far too much drama and didn't at all end up being the way I thought it would when it began, I had never envisioned that Holly would get viciously attacked by a huge Rottweiler who slipped his lead, and on her first birthday too, sometimes birthdays suck!  At least she ended the day with cake and drugs though so you can't knock that!  She's fine by the way, the dog bit through her tail hence the dressing but that should come off at some point today and after a couple of visits to our lovely vet she's going to be just fine once she gets over the indignity of realising that her tail has been shaven!

I'd also never put it in my planner to discover 2 youths in my kitchen burgling me on Wednesday, that's something you just can't imagine really, I don't want to go into too many details but suffice to say that the police are on the case and they have been amazing.

In spite of such negative events good things have happened this week, I've been asked to housesit  by the loveliest person (thank you, you know who you are) with Looby and Holly et al for a week in Edinburgh in the summer holidays, my most favourite city and I can't wait, I'm sure Iain can't wait either, he'll be having friends round, pizza hut deliveries and all of the other things that go along with your parent being on holiday.  I can't wait to really discover and explore parts of Edinburgh we've never been to before, after all I didn't even know there was a canal there until recently, for all of the years I have been visiting the most beautiful city I know of we always seem to stick to the main city centre or the popular tourist destinations and you know, it's weird really because mostly when I go to cities I want to escape the city centres to explore the places and spaces that aren't so frequented.  I think an Edinburgh holiday is long overdue.  Even Abigail said she may come but it depends on her social life, I'm not going to argue, the worst thing you can ever do is try to make Abigail do something she doesn't want to, actually sometimes asking Abigail to do things she actually wants to do end up in the exact same way.

I hear myself saying sometimes "Man, teenagers are hard work" Looby being on the cusp of such life events had "the chat" at school on Thursday and Friday, I'm fairly sure that's made her decide she doesn't ever want to grow up and yet she continues to grow and change with every day, she's certainly started to exhibit some teenage behaviour, yesterday she didn't want to come with me to work but she didn't want to not come to work with me either so she sat in the cafe in Jesmond Dene for nearly 2 hours whilst I had a couple of lovely photo shoots.

You may remember that I am selling my life on Ebay at the moment, there are only a few hours until the first batch of what has now resulted in 62 separate auctions officially ends.  When the hammer falls I think there are going to be a few delighted Irregular Choice fans sitting patiently waiting for Mr Postman, I cannot believe just how much clutter I am cutting down on, whilst I'll never be a minimalist, the current state of my bedroom shows just how much needless stuff I have accumulated, I'm storing it in here while waiting to go to auction winners, if you fancy a bargain do go and make a bid on my auctions.

I realise that I have for the most part fallen behind on blogging, I still have so much I need to catch up on and I wonder why sometimes life moves so fast that I can't even seem to keep up, I guess my problem is that I can't write without inspiration, I've never been one for scheduling posts because I like to get the writing vibe, go and get out my Mac, sit down and write, I never read it back and so I apologise for any occasional mistakes, misspellings or grammatical errors but I find I write best when it comes straight from within.

One of the things that got stolen in the burglary was Loobys phone so we went out yesterday and replaced it and now she's got a shiny new phone which does things, it's very futuristic for a girl who'd always just loved a blackberry with the proper keyboard but I figured she deserved it for not getting too upset when she had discovered it had been taken.

I've said for a while that I feel sometimes in life you receive tests from above to make sure that you are ready to move on to the next exciting stage in your life, well I can only hope that I have passed all of mine and I'm now into the good phase, the fun phase, the exciting times we'll remember forever, it's my favourite time of year right now, the sunshine, the long days, the promise of summer and 6 weeks of fun, laughter and adventure with my children, truly for me summer time is the time when the living is easy.

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