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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

New Beginnings...

I'm sitting here writing this, the sun has just disappeared in a glorious sunset and I can still see it's red tinges as the world in front of me experiences the blue hour, that's the hour just after sunset, golden before, blue after, remember that!!  It's been another glorious day and a day when I decided to make a new start, to make some big decisions about the future, to resolve to go back to some old things....

You see, I've always been a positive kind of person and well over the last few months I'd kind of got bogged down a little by spells of depression, loneliness, blah, blah, blah....

I walked to the Dunston Staithes today to catch up with a good friend I hadn't seen for probably 3 years and as I walked my 6 mile round trip I contemplated on my life and how I could make it better, not just for me but for my children too.

First step, regain control of my business, it's so easy to delegate and perhaps in some ways it is the future but for now I want to get to grips with my own business again, it's best way to give great customer service and I need to look at how I'm going to make things even better for future clients.

Second step, say yes to more business things, start taking on short weddings again, I'm not going to lie, I lost my confidence a while back and getting it back has been difficult but look, I shot the most amazing wedding last week and I loved every second of it and if that means I can shoot weddings like this all of the time then awesome.

The wedding of Gemma and Sean at As You Like It, Jesmond

So if you are planning your wedding in 2015/16/17 and you would like to book a wedding photographer in newcastle  for a smaller wedding package, i.e up to 4 hours then please do get in touch 

I've also decided to just only say positive things and think positive thoughts, it always worked so well for me in the past and I'm not going to beat myself up because I know that yes, it's been a difficult period in my life but above all I still believe the most important things in life are love and happiness and love comes in so many different forms, I want to truly love the world and all of the people in my world and I want to celebrate the love that many families feel though the photography that I love, I'm rambling but to use the words of Ewan Mcgregor in Moulin Rouge "Above all else I believe in love, love is like oxygen, love is a many splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love" or something like that anyway!

This weeks sessions in Jesmond Dene and Tynemouth have all turned out to be fabulous wonderful things, here's some previews.  If you would like to book a session this week in Jesmond Dene or Tynemouth we have availability so contact me now!

I'm not sure how long the positivity takes to have an effect but if tonight is anything to go by I have spoken to one of my lovely brides, I have been to Slimming World and lost another 2.5lb and I have come home and made epic burgers, it's all a starting point and I plan to embrace every second of every day from now on.


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