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Sunday, April 05, 2015

Bank Holidays, They're Not The Same As They Used To Be

As i'm sitting here typing on my sofa the sun is just starting to dip, it's the start of the golden hour and the end of the most beautiful weather day of the year so far.  It's been a bit of a scorcher in parts today, by the sea it was still uber chilly but in my garden when we came home from the beach it was nearly 30c, it does catch the sun with absolutely no wind though usually because of the walls.

Today was such a difficult day, bank holidays for me have always been about family time, every single one for the last 15 years has pretty much been a whole family adventure of some kind or other so I hope you'll forgive me for feeling, well just sad really, if some days are harder than others this one is definitely one of them.  7 months on almost exactly to the day since life changed forever and I wouldn't say that it hurts any less now than it did back then.

I don't want to dwell but I have always been honest thus far and what's the point of lying to yourself (and 20,000 readers a month) someone is going to find out...

I do hope that today marks the start of sunshine all of the time until at least October, in fact if I'm honest I'll be happy if it lasts until our Berwick holidays are over, 8 sleeps to go, I have a treasure trail, Looby has packed her suitcase and I'm considering selling a body part to pay for all of the expected activities that Haven has to offer, I remember the last time dear reader and it was not a cheap experience.  At least this time I have Holly who's my get out of jail free or rather "I can't come and play family bingo because someone has to look after Holly at all times and she's not allowed in any of the buildings" (haven't quite worked out if Haven really is dog friendly or more along the lines of dog tolerant, they're quite different animals).

Speaking of animals, Holly is now a stinky beagle after rolling in manure today at the beach, I thought I could smell the whiff of freshly fertilised fields carried on the winds all day until I worked out that the smell was actually coming from Hollys neck, she wasn't amused by the bath at all and she's probably grumpy because she can smell herself and yes, she's going to need another bath tomorrow.

What Looby and I did do today to make the best of the situation we've found ourselves in was go to the beach (again, again, again.....) we walked from Tynemouth to Whitley Bay via beaches and promenades and the sun shone on our faces and warmed our skin and I was glad I'd remembered to put  my factor 50 on my face this morning, sun can be ageing when you're my age so it's full on sun block at every opportunity.

We decided not to wait in the huge queue for ice-cream or to partake of the (probably overpriced and underwhelming) fun fare which has been set up at Whitley Bay for the bank holiday weekend.  Oh no, we're going back again tomorrow without Holly, yes the beach again, ice-cream and the fun fare (probably still overpriced) but that's what Looby wants to do so yes that's what we're doing.  I feel I really should move to Tynemouth, I seem to spend more time there than I do at home.

Whatever you get up to tomorrow dear reader please go and embrace your families and do something with them, enjoy every second, savour every moment because you just never know what might lie around the corner of life.

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