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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hello new life, it's nice to meet you...

It's Sunday evening, I've had a lovely weekend off work due to some unfortunate rain yesterday, last night I ambled down to the Northumberland Hussar with Holly (it's a great dog friendly pub if you're around the Heaton area of Newcastle) to meet my lovely friend Laura and friends.  I've really decided to take my life and fate into my own hands and that really starts with me going out and meeting people and having a good time, just because I don't drink/smoke/eat sugar doesn't mean I can't at least have some fun.  

I was talking last night about the more scary elements of suddenly finding yourself single after 15 years in a relationship, I mean the last time I was single the Nokia 5510 was in fashion, Big Brother hadn't been broadcast and reality tv was Dale Wintons commentary on supermarket sweep. I don't even want to think about what happens on dates these days and I think if I am really to re-enter the world entire a la Bridget Jones then someone is going to have to buy me a manual.

I had a lovely evening though and it was just nice to be out for a couple of hours, I was still home by 9pm at the request of Looby who messaged me saying she'd made me a gift but I was not home to receive it and it wouldn't wait until today or even possibly an hour later, it turns out she'd made me a lovely card thanking me for everything and telling me she loved me, definitely worth coming home to although I'm sure she could have been quite happy with her brother for just 1 more hour!

This week ahead has so many highlights, I'm on a blogging assignment for The Bells of Hemscott, I'm photographing Nethermined, a Minecraft convention at the Park Hotel on Saturday, I'm meeting 2 new babies in their homes and I have another couple of portrait sessions in the park, I've also decided to work bank holiday Monday so if you would like a portrait session anywhere in the North East please get in touch.

In addition to all of that I am editing 2 gorgeous weddings, one 10 hour one and one 1 hour one, it's an incredible contrast but I feel that I still was able to produce something magical for my lovely couple who's wedding I went to for just 1 hour on Friday afternoon.

I love this because it's a portrait I always wanted to shoot, I had it in my mind before I even got to the wedding, there's something fascinating and magical I think about wedding portraits on a busy shopping street and there's nowhere better to find that than Northumberland Street in Newcastle city centre.

I've produced an up to date pricing brochure with wedding photography pricing from 1 hour upwards and I'm currently offering a complimentary pre-wedding photo shoot with images on disk worth £335 for all bookings of 2 hours and upwards just until my wedding photography business really kicks off again (if you're wondering why I took a year off and am restarting my wedding photography business you might find this post helpful).

And so it's Sunday night and I am excited and enthused by the new and exciting week ahead, not just professionally but also personally, I just hope now that I've found it again I get to have my renewed love of life forever again, it's only when you have lost something that you realise just how valuable it was and there's simply nothing more valuable than a love of life.

If you would like the latest copy of my wedding photography pricing or you're simply looking for a photographer in Newcastle please get in touch via my Website/Facebook/Email


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