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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sugar Wars and 10 reasons to be thankful today

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I don't know about you dear reader but it seems that the times we feel the lowest in our lives are the times we stop and remind ourselves to be thankful for the things we do have, it's so easy to fall into a sad slump when life isn't at it's optimum peak and then the more sad you become the more things in general seem to get you down.

I think I'm just as guilty of this as the next person, certainly some days are more of a struggle than others and you know what the worst part is?  Since I gave up sugar if I even dare to have a little I end up with the worst sugar hangovers, eating cake or drinking wine has now become like a bi-polar curve, it's actually scary just how similar they are although in a more microcosmic way.  I get very animated, have lots of energy, feel high as a kite and then when the sugar wears off it leaves me feeling so low and it even makes me cry. I'm not entirely sure how I am to cope with this in the future, I can completely cut out the puddings, I really will only miss that on a rare occasion just like when I've recently had the pudding on a rare occasion but I do like a night out on a very rare occasion and I like a glass of wine once a month but the swing of the sugar and no sugar has just wrecked the last couple of days of my life.

It's no wonder isn't it that children have sugar meltdowns after parties, Christmas, Easter, Birthdays...

I'm actually not sure what the answer is and I don't want to become some anti-sugar stalwart, I mean when I gave up smoking I didn't go around shouting "It's evil" at anyone choosing to still partake, it's not really the kind of person I am and I wouldn't ever criticise peoples personal choices, heaven forbid.  I do know that I've lost more than a stone of weight since my birthday...just saying!

Anyway, lets get back to my point of today, I think for myself as much as anyone else that I need to write a list of the things I am thankful for.

  1. Easter holidays, there are only 3 more school days left and then 2 weeks of no alarm or stupid getty ups.
  2. A sleepy Beagle who doesn't like early mornings.
  3. children who say hilarious things like Abigail yesterday "mum you know you would be much better off being fat and happy than thin and miserable and then you could have cake" Thanks Abigail, I'll bear it in mind.
  4. 13-17th April, holidays in a caravan in Berwick with my girls, I'm literally counting the minutes.
  5. Spring, more light in the day makes me happy and the rebirth of flowers always makes me smile.
  6. Baby animals, it's that time for chicks and bunnies and lambs, guaranteed to make my heart happy.
  7. My business will officially celebrate it's 8th birthday in June, 8 years of the freedom to do the things I love so much.
  8. The fact that I am 4 dress sizes smaller than I was in April 2013, proud of my achievements.
  9. I have the best friends who are all amazing and some of them I've never even met....yet!
  10. My creative mind, you can always guarantee if I'm not currently thinking of a new project there'll be something just around the corner.
and so if you're not feeling as happy as you could be today, why not take a few minutes to write a list of the things you are currently thankful for, even writing this list made me feel so much better!


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