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Monday, March 16, 2015

It's those little things...

I don't know about you but for me those special days we celebrate are more about the little things than the big things, it's about the doing and being rather than the stuff.

Now don't get me wrong, for Mothers Day Looby bought me some cute loafers for summer walking and Abigail got me some flowers, a travel journal and 2 Kilner jar mugs that I've been coveting for quite some time.  But our day out to Seahouses yesterday totally surpassed anything that could have been bought or given because I got time with my girls and that for me is the most precious thing of all.

You may know that I recently took my fabulous associate Stacey on to shoot sessions on Sundays and bank holidays so I could take a step back and spend more precious time with my children, more time for playing, exploring, adventuring, more family time.  Of course I'm still editing all of the images myself but the difference there is that I can do that at 11pm at night in my pyjamas if I want to, I think I simply ran out of time during days where I could photograph people without my children never seeing me.

Back to yesterday though and we had the most delightful day out with lunch at the wonderful dog friendly Bamburgh Castle Inn, they do a huge Sunday carvery and I love a carvery as it's something I can enjoy without even a hint of white flour or sugar and no I didn't have the Yorkshire pudding or the gravy!  I can't recommend the Bamburgh Castle Inn highly enough, the dog friendly space is just as you go in right up to the end of the bar and also in a little room behind it, Holly and Petunia loved it although I think that may have been to do with the meaty morsels slipped under the table.  I'd been there before I had Holly and always loved it and can't wait to go back now, especially in summer when you can sit outdoors and look right over to the Farne Islands.

Here's some little moments from our lovely day together -

Looby loves the wild ponies who live between Seahouses and Bamburgh and we always go and visit them when we're up there.  I'd quite like to live in Seahouses if I'm honest but I don't think the kids would be too happy about the daily commute, it's a 6 hour round trip on the bus!!

No trip up to that part of the Northumbrian coastal route would be complete without a visit to Bamburgh, the way the castle majestically sits above this tiny village famed for Grace Darling is quite an awe inspiring sight to see, even on the not so bright and sunshiny days.

Every Mothers day I've had is special since I've had children, even my son who couldn't buy a card or present has been informed he can wash the dishes instead...I fear it'll actually be me who washes them, oh and down with Mr Hallmark, none of my kids got me cards this year, "It's not about the things, mum and its definitely not about spending £3.70 on a card"  You know what, I think they might just have a point and it's probably thanks to me!


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