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Friday, March 06, 2015

Big Adventures and New Friendships in Edinburgh

I finally climbed up Calton Hill in Edinburgh, amazing views.

It's Friday evening dear reader (although you're probably reading this on Saturday morning) and I've just got back from 2 days in Edinburgh for the #CaptureIbisStyles event, I have been wined and dined to within an inch of my life and I can't speak highly enough of the Ibis Styles brand or indeed the people who run it.

I've spent time with some seriously inspirational ladies, all bloggers and some photographers, I thought I would give a couple a mention so that you can add their blogs to your reading list so please go and check out the very lovely and beautiful Zoe at Simply Ruby and the simply gorgeous Lucy over at and Capture by Lucy both have the most beautiful blogs and utterly amazing Instagram feeds, I'm quite envious, it does remind me that I need to start using Instagram in a more productive way instead of just posting bazillions of images of Holly the beagle.

I'll be posting a full review of the event and my stay at Ibis Styles St Andrews Square over the next few days.

I am reminded by being in the company of inspirational focused women just how much I sometimes lack focus and I'm ever so slightly easily distracted as well as being the Queen of procrastination land although I blame that on Holly.

Over the next few months I am resolute that I am going to concentrate on Instagram as my chosen form of social media rather than Facebook which lets be fair, currently only shows 7% of my likers my posts unless I pay.  How is it going to go?  Well who knows but you can always follow me on Instagram and then you can enjoy the journey with me.

And so after some hours of hopefully peaceful slumber I shall be back out in the world bright and early tomorrow to go and visit some favourite clients and their precious new baby daughter and then I am literally whizzing across the other side of Newcastle to catch up with a  lovely bride and groom for some lunch at As You Like It where they're getting married and then it's off down to Jesmond Dene for their pre-wedding photo shoot.  After the days in Edinburgh I've just had I am sincerely hoping I can find something without refined sugars, and white flour in. I just managed my 10k steps today and I am definitely back to no sugars tomorrow, I can't quite describe how awful a sugar hangover is but it's not the way I am used to feeling and now that I'm only 13lb from my target weight and 3 dress sizes smaller than when I started my weight loss journey I really don't want to jeopardise that.

and 1 final note, I still have 2 available sessions for next weeks Mothers Day sessions on the beach at Tynemouth on Saturday, if you would like to book one they're just £30 for a 30 minute session, 12x8 complimentary print of your favourite image, web gallery for 30 days and 15% off the first week your gallery is live.  The remaining sessions are 10.30am and 1.30pm and if they're anything like last year they'll be utterly fabulous.

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