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Monday, November 03, 2014

Hello November

Good morning dear reader and it's great to be back to regular blogging every day, last week it all fell apart really between shooting 20 portrait sessions over the course of 7 days and then dog sitting plus trying to squeeze in life and home, in fact I would go so far as to say it was complete chaos but there've been some lovely memories made and this week for me is really about getting back into a proper routine and also really making a huge effort to get up to date with work and business.  I'm aiming for that hallowed two weeks off at Christmas and I feel I can only really do that if business is up to date or I just worry.

Life has been ok though, it's getting better every day I think, I think I'm a pretty good single parent, I seem to remember all of the good things to do with the kids and I'm managing to shoe horn a great business into the times when I can work.

Last week I got 2 new lovely advertisers on my blog so I want you to say a huge welcome to Spark Cleaning Services and Verity Wealth Management.

Spark Plus Services specialise in domestic and office cleaning all over Newcastle and the North East of England and in fact they are coming for a meeting tomorrow because I need an extra pair of rubber gloved hands in my house, I may be many things but I am not full on supergirl and knowing that someone is going to come and work their magic in the core essential rooms of my house once a week is of great comfort and well worth the financial outlay.

Verity Wealth Management, well as their name suggests they're the people to go and see if you need financial advice and again I think it's probable that I need to go and have a chat with them about pensions and financial planning for my future, especially going through a divorce, i'm sure that makes things a little bit more complicated and I really need to make sure that the kids are looked after in the event that anything untoward happens to me, I know, I hope to live until I'm 100, probably really should get that pension sorted out, I can't see myself out photographing kids, families and weddings when I'm 92!!

One of the highlights of the half term holidays for the children was of course Halloween and Looby and I carved pumpkins, made a gingerbread scary house and she also rocked her halloween costume which was Red Riding Hood and the Wolf, Petunia provided her scary face as the wolf ;)

red riding hood and the wolf halloween costume, dressing up, husky

red riding hood, husky and friends

This went down incredibly well with all concerned, Petunia didn't quite manage the scary face but Looby came back home with enough sweeties to last until Christmas 2015 and I commend her for the effort that went into taking Petunia along for what was her first Halloween, I can't wait to see what she comes up with next year, something Game of Thrones themed perhaps?

Abigail came over for 4 days of the week and we all went down to Teeside to visit our lovely friend Li and her daughter on Saturday, what a fun day we had and we can't wait for Christmas together when they're staying over on Christmas day so that Li and I don't have to worry about indulging in a glass of Champagne or two, well it wouldn't be Christmas without being able to drink copious amounts of bubbly stuff all day, I never really manage to do this you know, I have a couple of glasses and then I'm usually craving a nice cup of tea if I'm honest!

This week I have photo shoots on a couple of days and then next weekend I have a photo shoot in Hexham in the park on Saturday so if any blog readers would like to take advantage and have a photo shoot at 11am on Saturday in the park at Hexham please do get in touch, it seems a shame to go all the way to Hexham and only do 1 photo shoot although Looby and I have already planned that we'll have a wonderful mooching around Hexham day afterwards.

Don't forget that weekday photo shoots start at only £25 for a photo shoot in Jesmond Dene, why not take advantage while the weather is still good and there are so many wonderful reasons to have photos, Christmas really is just around the corner now and thanks to Christmas 24 I'm assured of being able to watch Christmas movies at any time of the day or night.  They're not all what I would call totally amazeballs but they're festive and an easy watch, especially if I'm trying to work at the same time.  It's just a shame that the channel isn't in HD!

And so onwards as I launch myself into Monday, 2 photo shoots in Jesmond Dene this morning and then I am editing a wedding and doing album designs, luckily for me it's Monday and Iain picks Looby up on Mondays and then they go to Mcdonalds on the way home, it's their brother/sister bonding time, not that they need it at the moment, Iain sorted out Loobys laptop so she could have Minecraft installed and he helped her set everything up and she thinks he's the best brother ever, I do have the best kids ever!

Have a great day and may Monday be Magnificent!


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