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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Living a life of sparkle

It's been such a long time since I could say that I feel like myself again but I think I am finally getting there, yesterday I caught up to date with work for the first time in a year, mainly thanks to going into my office for a Colleagues On Tap event, surrounded by other business owners with a healthy dose of Jayne Grahams amazing millionaires chocolate shortbread I completed everything that had fallen by the wayside over the last couple of months.  I can't recommend Colleagues on Tap highly enough if you need to just go somewhere and get stuff done, Jayne is also one of the most experienced and knowledgeable business consultants I know (as well as being a whizz in the cake making department).

I think I really started to feel myself again on Sunday, I'd actually been thinking for a few days that living a life of sparkle is the only way forward and believe me when I say that I might not quite be full on sparkle yet but I am definitely getting there and that feels good!

I've ramped up my marketing efforts and I'm pretty sure that I can fill all of my work days from now until Christmas so that I can give the kids an amazing Christmas both by making sure Santa brings some lovely gifts but also by making sure that I am financially stable enough to be able to take the whole of the Christmas holidays off at home with them doing wonderfully festive activities every single day!

So far on the menu for Looby at least is a trip to see Peter  Pan at the Whitley Bay Playhouse, and Get Santa at the Northern Stage and we'll mix that in with lovely long crisp frosty walks and cosy hot chocolates and christmas movies under fluffy blankets, I'd say in front of the fire but the reality is that my fire is electric and it's only ever been used once when the central heating broke, it's definitely not economical and it has a strange smell so no one is going to be cosying around that!

If you are doing your Christmas shopping currently I hear the number 1 best selling Christmas present of 2014 is the Frozen Elsa doll now Looby hasn't mentioned that she wants one but she does still have a bit of a penchant for dolls, I did note that you can get Frozen Top Trumps and they seem like a good stocking filler for under a fiver, they're my top bargain tips for this week, buy them early before they sell out!

So my wish for you all today is to sparkle like a festive thing, I'm not encouraging you to put up your Christmas decorations just yet although I was speaking to someone yesterday who had put their Christmas tree up and when I exclaimed it was quite early they replied telling me that they're quite late with it this year, do people really put their Christmas trees up before the very end of November/beginning of December, when is the correct time to adorn and festoon your halls with holly and such festive decoration, do leave a comment and let me know

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