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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Don't ever let yourself be silenced or controlled...

Good Morning dear reader, I just want to start by thanking everyone for their support yesterday, well in fact not just yesterday but on the whole, I feel so many warm thoughts from you and have had literally thousands of readers, hundreds of comments, emails, beautiful words over the last few months and I don't think I would have got through some of the hardest days without you all, you're all amazing.  Of course there are those who would wish upon me to be silenced but one thing I've learnt is that you can't let bullies control your life, obviously they don't want you to speak out, they'd rather no one ever knew of the traumas they'd cause or the hurt they'd inflicted upon you but no one should ever have that power over you and if you are in a similar situation as I know some are then please make a stand and get out of that situation, it's terribly hard but I promise that being in control of your own destiny is so much better than spending a life being controlled.

Today some lovely things are going to happen, my cleaner starts today and that is going to give me back some valuable time, I really am not superwoman and can't do everything so a little help every week from Spark Plus Services is going to go down a treat.

My lovely friend Aggie is also going to come over this morning and bring Sid the spaniel, I really needed to spend time with some cuddly paws and so I guess Sid is my therapy dog for the morning.

I've also just promised Looby I'll do an online grocery shop today, Old mother Hubbard would be impressed if she looked in my cupboards right now!

One thing I am going to treat myself with today is a browse of the very sparkly and lovely Amazon Kitchen and home store, full of festive lovely things as well as everything you need in the home sense to prepare for the upcoming season of holidays as well as some great gifts.  I have my eye on this Dr Who heat reveal mug for a certain teenager, he's very difficult to buy things for and I think he might just like this as a stocking filler.

More than ever at the moment I am forever trying to teach myself to look for the beauty in every day life, it's something I was brilliant at before life was turned upside down and I will be brilliant at finding it again, some days I manage, some days are so overwhelmingly hard it feels somewhat impossible but I keep on striving to do it, todays photo is a sunset that happened last week just as Looby and I were going into town to the Fenwicks Christmas window switch on, it reminds me that even in the darkest moment beautiful things occur all of the time.

Whatever you do today I hope you can find a little beauty in the mundane or the ordinary, just remember when you find it to grasp on to it with all of your heart for it might just get you through an impossible time.


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