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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Groceries, Business, Christmas and Facebook Unfriending

Well good morning to you dear reader, it's Wednesday again, aka hump day (fnar fnar) and what do I have in my schedule?  A photo shoot with an adorable little one in Jesmond Dene and I will be awaiting with eager anticipation my grocery order, my Waitrose driver was so delighted to see me last week "Mrs Charlton, I haven't seen you for ages" he said and that dear reader is why I get my shopping delivered by them.  I was going to sample another supermarket but what a faff it is to actually set up your shopping from the beginning whereas because I'd used Waitrose before I could just go into an old order click everything I wanted and then add other things, I did my Christmas grocery order at the same time, just a warning if you are thinking you might want to do the same, the Christmas delivery slots were already gone, the latest I could get was the 22nd but that's ok, we'll cope I'm sure!

Not wanting to spend an entire blog post talking about my grocery shopping habits, it's well, erm, a bit boring but if I'm honest there's not really a lot going on apart from hard work and enjoying being with the kids when they're around, it's become a quiet period of my life and I for one couldn't be more delighted about that, seriously a few years without any drama whatsoever will be just what the doctor ordered.

Business is incredibly busy and you should note if you want to book a photo shoot that the last order date to guarantee your prints arrive before Santa does is the 15th of December, any orders placed after that date will be available for collection from me in Heaton so there's always the chance you could have a photo shoot on the 20/21st of December and still have prints as long as you can pop down to collect them, I promise to give you some festive sweeties or a mince pie, it is the loveliest time of the year after all.

I realise of course that Christmas is the time of year when many families are together for maybe the only time that year so if you would like to book a photo shoot during my Christmas break please do get in touch, all photo shoots during this time will be from £40 depending on the location you choose.

Finally, I was on my iPad last night when I stumbled across the fact that it's much easier to have a Facebook clearout than ever before, it's literally one click and so I had the biggest clearout ever, I noticed this morning that I'm still on about 750 friends but that's a marked improvement, tidy Facebook, tidy mind people!!

So off you go dear reader, skip and hop all of the way through Wednesday and whatever you do make sure that it's a wonderful thing indeed!

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