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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crafty Goings On

I decided in light of the fact that I've been fighting an ear infection for nearly 3 weeks that I'd take the whole weekend off and concentrate on scrapbooking in the kitchen and so I thought I'd share what I've been up to so far.

I've been working in 8.5x11 a lot this weekend, I find it's quicker and I tend to make simpler layouts and with 500 photos to catch up on from the wilderness years where I didn't scrap (june 2007-nov 2010) I think speediness has to come into it.  This first layout is a tribute to the fact that whenever we have photos together Meandering Paul always pulls silly faces, together we're not quite picture perfect!

I'm not one of those scrappers who only scraps the perfect parts of life, I think it's important to let our ancestors see that, well not everything always goes to plan and so this next layout is of the Christmas where Meandering Paul couldn't remove himself from the sofa and was a bit crabby due to over indulgence on Christmas Eve when I was ill and couldn't stop him.

another 2009 photo, we went to Hartlepool historic Marina, thats not really the point, the point is I think it was the last time both of the girls wore anything matching and pink, Abigail definitely isn't a girly girl and Looby, although she's girly she says of pink "it's my worst favourite colour mammy"

Yesterday I got a lovely box of Amy Tangerine stash and OMG it's blimmin lovely, straight to the pile of photos I went and scrapped this photo from 2010 at Alton Towers, spiritual home of the Charltons.

Finally something scrapped with my August 2011 Sarahs Card Kit

my first month as a subscriber and I loved this box full of goodies, I scrapped photos from the summer holidays 2010, a year when we had so many adventures, I did remark to the girls that summer 2010 was the summer of fun, sadly summer 2011 has been the summer of ill for lots of different reasons.

I most definitely have my scrappy happy head on at the moment so I'm off to the kitchen table again to create more works of art to leave a legacy to my ancestors.



Helsbells said...

Love the 8.5x11 layouts particularly and that you record the 'bad' along with the good :) Also like all the layering on your kit layout :)

Sue Jones said...

Great layouts! I DO love the hangover one - sorry!

Elaina said...

Wow, 5 LO's in one day. you are a busy bee. I love the felt camera embelishment you have used on one of them, did you make it yourself?

vixen said...

wow you have been busy and your layouts are all stunning :) wish I could be as productive :)

Julia said...

Gorgeous lay outs - well done on such a productive day :)

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