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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Carlisle, a bank holiday getaway

So if you saw yesterdays post you'll have realised that our roving reporters Looby and Abigail recorded video at Carlisle Castle yesterday, we really did have a good day out although I kind of liked the Cathedral best of all if I'm honest, I really recommend that you see it if you have a couple of hours to kill in Carlisle.

I actually had my camera with me yesterday, I took it purposely, shocker!

here's a few highlights of the day -

we were fully eco and carbon friendly and got the train, because of our family railcard it was £26 for the 4 of us, I'm pretty sure that cost less than it would have for petrol and parking.

Looby snapped a photo of moi, she's getting good, I just wish I'd have worn makeup!

The edges of the walls of the city just next to the station

we're off to explore the Cathedral

They both lit candles, Looby prayed for people to stop fighting, Abigail said she prayed that she could stop back chatting and be a nicer person.

A very impressive ceiling

In the underpass as we went across to the Castle we found our surname, photo opp!

we're off to see more history at the Castle, we got in free with our English Heritage membership, if you don't have one expect to pay around £20 for a family of 4

Looking out of the castle keep

Looby and Abigail playing war games

a view of Carlisle from the top of the castle

A view of the military barracks

My lovely girls.

We did enjoy a thoroughly good day out in Carlisle and I'd go again, probably at Christmas for the shopping!!



Sue Jones said...

Lovely photos :)

Elaina said...

What lovely pictures of your girls. They will make great LO's.

Unknown said...

That was a great day out-Carlisle is such an interesting place

Katherine said...

Beautiful photos looks like a great day the cathedral shots, and where you found your surname - bet it will look beautiful at Christmas too :)

Claire said...

Looks like you had a fab day.

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