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Monday, August 29, 2011

Looby and Abigails video diaries from Carlisle Castle

So today we went on the train to Carlisle for the day visiting the Cathedral and Castle, I took a few photos and I'll share our day tomorrow, while we were there Looby asked if we could take some video clips because she likes to remember herself in videos so with my handy iPhone we did 3 videos...

This one was in the castle keep so it's fully dark and atmospheric

Looby asked Abigail to give a quick video report for the Laura news

and finally Looby finished off with part 2 of her guide to Carlisle castle.  I'm loving how they want to get involved with my blog and it's great to have new moving memories of them that we can all look back on in future years.

Whatever you got up to this bank holiday weekend I hope you got to create some fabulous memories


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