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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A little Thursday Update

You may have noticed some not so subtle improvements to my blog, I thought it deserved a makeover after it's looked the same since at least 2008!  So it's meant to be a little less serious and a bit more fun, I also realise that sometimes I post about personal things and sometimes I post about business things, well it's my blog and thats my life so if you're here to learn all about me try the personal tag and if you are here for instance because you're thinking of hiring me as your photographer for your wedding click on the weddings tag!  Simples!

There's been a lot of kitten fun going on in our house with our foster kittens who are now getting towards 5 weeks old, they're so cute!

Poor Looby fell from a cartwheeling twirl and we had to go to casualty, they plastered her up saying it was a broken elbow but when we went to the fracture clinic the next day they decided they didn't know if it was a fracture or tendon damage so they've taken the plaster off again and will xray in 2 weeks and until then she's supposed to wear a sling which she hates!

Can someone tell me whats happened to my tomato plants this year, they're monsters and have overtaken the back of the garden

Sunday, my girls finally got to see the grafitti wall

 You just can't beat a cute kitten

So this week has been another summer holidays week and thats bad for productivity but it's great for having fun with the kids, another couple of weeks though and I'll be devastated when they go back to school, I really love having them all at home with me.

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Michelle said...

Hi Mandy

Many many thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. I am about to make the step to make a business out of my hobby, but my main area of interest is new born and baby photography, not too sure about weddings as OMG they are such hard work. I had a quick look around on your site and your work is fab, and a well deserved win! Regards - Michelle

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