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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mark and Helen are Married

Indeed they are!! On Saturday I made my way to Wylam by taxi as a freakish turn of events lead to one assistants engine practically blowing up, one assistant in York and the other at the Sunderland Match and a hubby (4th back up assistant) unreachable by mobile! So I winged the 20 miles in a Taxi and covered the whole event on my own and it was lovely, and charming and wonderful all wrapped up in a teeny parcel!!

Helen is one of the most radient brides i have ever seen.

waiting at the church before walking down the aisle, she was so happy and excited, a really lovely thing to see.


This moment was a candid capture with my 50-150 lens.

and this one is for Helens mum, I really love it and thanks for suggesting such a great photograph.

Helen didn't want any posed photographs but I still took them away for their 20 minute couple session, I gave minimal instructions and look at the fabulous interaction which naturally occurred


Helen and Mark, you are a wonderful couple and I hope you have the happiest life together, enjoy Italy and I'll catch up with you when you get back.

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