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Friday, September 19, 2008

Nikkis Boudoir Photoshoot

On Tuesday I hopped over to see Nikki for a boudoir shoot, she's planning to give her husband a fabulous surprise for his upcoming birthday, it beats socks I say!!

Here's a few of her favourites (yes she picked them!) which also happen to be my favourites too.

Who could these fabulous legs belong to?

Well this awesome lady of course!!

I think she looks fierce!

How fab is this one, very Ooh la la.

Nikki I know you love these and I am so glad that you think you look Hot!!

If you would like to book a boudoir shoot and give your hubby/partner a fabulous present for Christmas or Birthday give me a call on 0191 2289515 or click through to my website, I travel far and wide to do these shoots and went all the way to the Lake district to see Nikki so please don't think you can't have one if you live a couple of hours away! Book now and see just how awesome you can look!

1 comment

mandijane said...

WOW those boudoir shots are really awesome....brilliant.....
It's ok for a woman to say that isn't it....LOL....

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