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Monday, September 08, 2008

Adrian and Stephanies Wedding at Linden Hall Hotel

I can't say enough good things about Adrian and Stephanie because they are just the nicest people on the planet with quite possibly the most friendly families of all time.

I loved yesterdays wedding at Linden Hall so much and I'm sure you'll be able to see just how much these two wonderful people love each other in the photographs.

How gorgeous did Steph look?

amazingly stunning, thats how much!!

This little flowergirl completely stole my heart.

I adore this photograph, for the first time in ages I stood at the back because the drawing room at Linden Hall is so intimate and even at the back I managed to capture simply amazing emotion.

This ring shot was pretty much requested the first time I ever met Adrian and Steph so I couldn't disappoint.

and an alternative way to show off the rings.

A candid moment that I absolutely love.

and another....

Linden Hall has one of the most amazing staircases in the north.

and since we had tons of time together we used it a lot!

aren't they an adorable couple.

Adrian and Steph, you guys are simply wonderful and I hope that you have a long and happy life together, enjoy your honeymoon and lets catch up when you get back.

PS thanks for the best ever thanks in a speech, seriously Adrian's thank you to me in his speech made me blush, nearly cry and feel quite proud all at once, apparently I make wedding photography an experience (luckily for me it's a good one!!)
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