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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Romantic Weekend with the mysterious case of the Purple hair

Had a fabbio weekend with the hubster at Gisborough Hall Hotel, very relaxing although we went to Flamingo land on Sunday and it was such a giggle going on all the big rides without the kids tagging along, much as I love them one weekend alone in a swanky location every 8 years will do me just fine!!

This is where we stayed, Noice!!

Imagine having a wedding here ;)

I loved this kooky little dragon above the doorway.

On saturday night we both decided on a change of hair colour, mine is now a little redder than it was and Pauls well he's gone from Blonde to....


I have to say though for a man with purple hair I think he's rather dishy don't you???!!

Ooh and I forgot to mention the Alpacas which lived just outside the hotel..

Fab or what!!

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