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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday Teatime=Crispy cool photos

So you know how hard I've been working at super-popped crispy cool photos, I took some today which I had to share but first -

LOL, Hubby was just arriving home as Abigail and I were going to our favourite patch of grass in the golden hour!

Ok, so this first one was processed using only Lightroom, it's pretty good for a photograph which hasn't seen photoshop, obviously I can't reveal my recipe but I'm pretty pleased!!

This one has been into photoshop CS3 after a couple of changes firstly applied by Lightroom, this is probably the ulitmate crispy cool but for the most part I still think Lightroom (which is a little quicker process) does a good job but it does take some working out for the skin tones.

She refused to hug a tree today!!

Talk about golden light, we really have this perfect spot just a spit-spot of a walk away from our back door, if you actually saw it though you would laugh!

I love this more candid one, as you can see Abigail had the polaroid out in force, it's amazing what I have to bribe my children with to get photographs of them but I'm pretty happy when it's a photography bribe.

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mandijane said...

Ha! I love the photo of hubster in the car...he looks ever so slightly the lighting on the photos....

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