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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fresh Air At Last

We finally got to the beach last night for the very first time this year, sadly it was freezing so we didn't stay for long on account of the fact that Paul thought it was summer and had gone out in short sleeves and cropped pants!!

I did get some new cool photographs of him though!

Someone tell me why my hubby is just too cool for school!!

and with lovely Looby

I also loved this last one

OOh more exciting news, my new Broadband Anywhere phone arrived today from the lovely folk at BT, I had been on Fusion for a while but it really wasn't suiting my business needs so they sent me a wonderful new phone which is basically a Blackberry by any other name, it's so cool and it means I'll be able to check emails on the move and surf etc!


Bagpuss said...

Oh yes I have to agree the last one is my fave too! Something about photos when people are not posing! Good luck with the big one on Saturday - certain you will do brilliantly!

mandijane said...

Yep I like the last one too.....:-)

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