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Friday, April 25, 2008

New Phone Problems and Dental Surgery

I had to have emergency dental surgery this morning, I'v had so many problems since my wisdom tooth came through sideways several years ago, the problem is that it's so compacted that if they removed it I would have to have actual surgery and be knocked out and also there's a chance they could damage a nerve and I could lose all the feeling in my tongue, gums and lips! So being as I have Heather and Joels wedding tommorrow and haven't slept due to pain I wasn't in the mood for an operation. Today they took out my back tooth so that the wisdom tooth can now grow in sideways and become a strange new back tooth!! I've never had a tooth out and it wasn't pleasant, especially as I am dentist phobic!!

So as all that was occuring my new phone is now malfunctioning and can't make or receive calls so if you're trying to reach me on my mobile can you until further notice try 07931 889574. Hopefully my broadband anywhere phone should be back up and running by Tuesday at the latest!

I'm off to relax now before the big wedding tommorrow and hopefully I'll be back with gorgeous photos from Heather and Joels wedding and from my portrait shoot on Sunday early next week!

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