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Monday, April 28, 2008

A Birthday Present For Grandma

A couple of months ago now Karen contacted me because she wanted to get her mum some great photos of her kids and also her nieces. We arranged the time, the place and then the kids were ill, the weather was against us and so it came to pass that grandma actually had her birthday before the session, just as well really as due to more inclement weather we moved yesterdays shoot to Grandmas house!!

I photographed 4 very different girls yesterday who all had one thing in common, they were all gorgeous!!

this little beauty was the youngest, one of Karens nieces and a more delightful and smiley baby you couldn't hope to meet!!

The second of my wee models, well I could have photographed all afternoon because she was simply delightful!

In this photo she had successfully stroked quite a large frog who hopped back into grandmas pond, she chuckled with delight as he leapt off!

My next model, a quiet and thoughtful girl lucky enough to have 2 horses who she was telling me all about, this girl is a deep thinker and smiley and well behaved, you couldn't wish for anything more!

My final model, Karens 16 year old daughter, bound to be an actual model in my opinion, how gorgeous?

Look at those eyes!!

Karen, I know you love the photos and I'm so delighted because you and your whole family welcomed me in with open arms, I was so privileged to spend time with you all and I can't wait for next time!

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mandijane said...

Can you make me look that gorgeous?

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