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Monday, April 14, 2008

Karen and her Family - Jesmond Dene

I met up with Karen and her family in Jesmond Dene yesterday morning to get some photographs of all the family. Karen and Neil have 4 children and kudos to them because all of their children are completely adorable and really well behaved.

This is Karens oldest daughter who I think looks very sophisticated for 8!

Karens middle daughter who is just lovely!

Karens youngest daughter who is a total cutie, she's the youngest of the family and a happy little bean!

Karens only boy who can only be described as a real live wire with the most amazing blue eyes.

This family portrait really embodies the feel of my photography as a whole, it's spontaneous, it's relaxed and theres something going on on everyones faces.

Karen, I had a great photoshoot with you all and I hope that you love all your photos as much as I do.

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