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Saturday, September 08, 2007

That was the week that was...

Phew, what a busy week it's been, I've actually barely had time to lift the camera this week its been such a hectic week, we've had back to school delights, Thursday was my big boys birthday, can't quite get my head around the fact that Iain is now 11 years old, surely that must make me ancient!! Anyway he's quite happy, we were just chatting earlier how last year he'd received £50 from us as it was all we could spare and this year we managed to buy him a Wii, he's definitely appreciating the difference between mum and dad being sick and mum and dad having their won businesses, I also love not having to worry so much although it being the first year of our business we still have those flying by the seat of your pants moments and those seconds where you're not quite sure how to fill next weeks diary, funny though that something always kind of shows up! This week for me has been all about the bookings for next year, I've booked 3 wedding photography packages for the next couple of years and that busy season next year is already looking mighty busy so if you are a lurking bride please do call to check availability or you might just miss out on some of the best value w packages in Newcastle, Sunderland and the entire north east of England!

Next week I have another 4 appointments for bookings so lets just hope it continues and gives me the busiest 2008 ever, the best part of course is that some of the less popular dates are already being hotly contested, for instance I've already had 3 enquiries and am looking to book the 2Nd of February in the next week!

Oh and if my spelling looks a little dodgy today you can blame it on my computer it's currently showing up the letters about 10 minutes after I type them, good thing that Blogger provides a spell checker!!

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mandijane said...

Loving to read that your business diary is getting crammed full....

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