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Monday, September 24, 2007

Autumn Portraits.

I adore Autumn, I love the light, I love the colours and I always make time to update our family portraits which we have on the wall. I was just giving a brief guide to autumn portraits over on my forum Craft so don't forget to go and check out my article written for even the camera-phobic!!

Back to my photos -

So we have gorgeous portraits of Abigail looking SplendidLooby looking wonderful in black and white and of course Mr C himself looking just gorgeous. Tommorrow I'll share Iains Autumn portrait and another wonderous one fo Looby, speaking of whom it's her 4th Birthday tommorrow and Paul and I spent the morning in Toys"R"Us where we bought her Doras Talking Cash Register amongst many other Dora the Explorer toys in fact I would go so far as to say that we didn't leave the shop without buying just about 1 of everything with Dora on!!!

If you want to have wonderful photos of your family this year why not check out Mandy Charlton Designs and book yourself a photoshoot, if you quote Autumn I'll even give you a free 7x5 print.


Dave Licence said...

Autumn is my favourite too. In fact I was just thinking this morning that the colours are coming in already - earlier than last year

Anonymous said...

damn he is looking gooooooood

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