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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Newcastle by Night

Last night the children were away for the evening and Paul as always was asking what we should do, I had a great idea that we would walk to the Quayside in Newcastle, take my camera along to have a little fun capturing the Tyne Bridge, the Millenium bridge and then have a drink or two at the famous Pitcher and Piano pub.

Well we went down just as night was falling and it gave me a great chance to do some low light photography practice, I must admit to not being a night photographer due to having 3 small children who complain loudly when you want to cart them about after bedtime just for photography reasons!!

Anyway not wanting to be too conspicuous I just took along my Sigma 24-70mm, my Metz flash and of course my husband, I left the tripod at home but I'm taking it the next time as quite frankly there were so many people down there with bigger tripods than mine it wouldn't have mattered in the slightest!! LOL

I did get a couple of good shots before moving onto drinks and bouncing my flash off the windows to capture Mr C in his famous silly faces, you know that we've decided the name of the book will be Pauls 40 silly faces at 40, thing is though he pulls them on such a regular basis that I'm thinking in another 8 years it's going to be a huge book, ooh now there's a thought maybe I could have an exhibition at the Baltic, I wonder what himself would think about seeing all his silly expressions captured forever on 50ft canvases, now then there's a thought!!

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mandijane said...

Some fab shots there Mandy.....

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