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Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday...

In the life of a wedding photographer in Newcastle, it's been really busy over the last couple of weeks particularly with myself being a Budget Wedding Photographer, now you may be wondering why I'm in that bracket, I have been told on several occasions to put my prices up but here's the thing :-

1. I love to be busy, I would shoot 100 weddings a year if I could (you never know I may even reach that next year)

2. I beleive that everyone should have great wedding photographs and currently the market excludes those who just can't afford it, with my packages and the fact that I even accept payment in installments I beleive that everyone can afford those great images that they might otherwise have to forfeit.

I didn't have a wedding photographer at my wedding and it's my one definite regret as I've only really got one photo and it's not all that hot!! You can bet that when we renew our vows in around 3 years i'll be searching for the perfect wedding photographer to cover my blessing, evenm if there are only 5 of us there it won't matter I just simply want to get a magical photo of myself and hubby.

Now I can hear you saying, well you could set up a shoot yourself, well beleive me I've tried but Paul larks about a little too much!!!!!

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