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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Adding Textures And Staff!

being a wedding photographer brings new excitement and challenges on a daily basis, at the moment I'm playing around with Textures and Sloppy Borders to make my photography stand out from the crowd, as you can see with this photograph of Abigail it can make a fairly ordinary photo become something awesome! Sloppy borders are a great way of presenting photography on the web so that something I also finding myself investing in lately. Another delight of my business is that I'm looking for an Assistant/Driver to aide and abet me whenever necessary, it's to be said that I'm looking for someone outgoing and bubbly, someone who drives and someone who hopefully has a passion for photography, also someone flexible enough to be called upon at a moments notice! If you think you fit the bill you can email me through my Website and I'll get back to you or if you fancy doing it in the traditional manner then why not check out the Job Centre Plus where I'm also advertising, oh and Paul is also looking for a Gardener to come and work for him so if you're more of Darmuid Gavin than a Joe Buissink then you might fancy having a job working for Meandering Gardens, I'm also the official contact for that job as well so once again you can contact me through the website.

Just a note to brides in Newcastle hoping to hire me for their wedding photography, next year is really starting to fill up, especially in the busy months so you might want to reserve your date before someone else does :) I still have some dates left for this year so if you think you've left it until the last moment, someone has let you down or if you've just been swept of your feet and can't wait to be married then once again clicking fingers to my website!! YOu never know, you might be the next one to be texturised!!

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Anonymous said...

No need to photoshop me darlington, i'm already rough...

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