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Thursday, January 03, 2019

New Year, New Start, Old Me!

Mandy Charlton, new year, new start, old me, taking cbd oil is changing my life.

The best thing about a brand new year is that you get another chance to start again, a new leaf in the calendar, a new chapter in the book, a whole new story to be written.  I was going to come and grumble about the fact that it wasn't the best Christmas but I'm starting as I mean to go on, and life after Christmas has been considerably better than it was before.  A few things have contributed to the change in my mood and so I'd rather write about that instead.

Firstly I've upped my dose of CDB Oil to 1500mg a day, a couple of weeks ago I switched to the oil, I'm currently taking Cannibigold   (I was kindly sent a small sample*) and taking 3 drops a day and it's quite miraculous.  2 drops a day alleviated some of the anxiety symptoms, 3 drops a day and it's night and day from where I was before I started experimenting with CDB products.  I really can't say enough good things about the changes to my mental health.  I think the only difference is that it has a taste to it, it's not the best-tasting thing ever but it's not horrid and the taste soon subsides.  

I've also had a lot of rest over the Christmas period, 2 pyjama days which I never have and I've been decluttering and cleaning my home like a demon, mostly I attribute it to Mrs Hinch on Instagram and a little to the fact that Lisa who helps around the house has had 3 weeks off but I've found myself really enjoying the process and my kitchen is cleaner than it ever was.  I took down the Christmas decorations in my lounge last week because they were making me unhappy but what I have done is left all my twinkly lights up all around the house because January, well it's dark enough and adding Hygge is always a good thing.

On New Year's Eve, I emptied, sorted and organised all of my kitchen cupboards with baskets, and I found joy, I guess somewhere between Marie Kondo and Mrs Hinch I've found inspiration.  I've also just had much more energy than I usually do at this time of year, today Holly and I did a 7.5k walk around the city and though I'm tired now, I feel more revitalised by January than ever before.

I haven't made any great plans to go on any drastic diets, if anything I'm just working on loving myself how I am a little more.  I get very cross with the fact that we're encouraged to feast for the whole of December and then come the first of January we're guilted into fad diets, now I'm not saying you shouldn't lose weight if you want to but if you don't love yourself now, 3 stone of weight loss is not going to help, believe me, I've tried it and found out the hard way.

So this year, I'm going to try and love me more, try and be happier to be on my own and fully embrace the single life and really, well and truly work towards being a good person and maybe finding a little success for me and my businesses.

So I hope you'll stay with me as you have in past years, I hope we'll have many adventures together, less anxiety and a whole lot more fun.

*I was sent a small sample of Cannibigold but these are my true thoughts and feelings, I've experienced better results with CBD oil for my chronic anxiety than I ever had with prescribed medication.


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