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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Organised Mind = Organised Life

It's been a crazy few days experienced at breakneck speed as I travelled to Dublin for the Facebook Gather conference and I'll fill you in on all of the happenings very soon when I've recovered from the brain filled exhaustion I'm currently experiencing.

This year has been such a positive force in my life so far, after all of the chaos and uncertainty of last year I feel like I'm really finding my feet in both my personal and professional life, current brain melt excepting.

I think the changes would have to be actually organisation centric too.

writing in my business planner, world handwriting day, stabilo, mandy charlton, photographer, writer, blogger

I'm madly passionate about my planner this year and for the first time in years I am writing things out again, this seems more than appropriate for today as it's National Handwriting Day and Stabilo sent me some beautiful pens and pencils, they also have a full range of products which specifically help new writers whether they're right or left handed and here's the thing, in these days of technology, we're writing less and less but actually, there's nothing quite as beautiful as the lost art of handwritten letters and I think it's great to teach our children the importance of picking up a pen.  For me, as an adult, it's the ability to write down my scattered thoughts in a creative way and that's another thing it's important to tell our children, in a world full of similar type-faces, be the change, be the swirly whirly handwriting.  Unlike the words we type, all handwriting is unique even when taught in the same way.

quotes written with stabilo pens, national handwriting day, stabilo, mandy charlton, photographer, writer, blogger

I had hoped to get Looby involved too but she's still at her dads having gone so I could go to the Facebook conference and then decided she's not coming home until tomorrow.

I digress, I think my point was that just emptying my mind with the freedom to write and not be judged for mistakes or whatever I write, it just helps to clear the brain, it's possibly even more effective than sitting down to blog although maybe there's a little less feedback but after a meeting with my new business coach this morning I am 100% sure that this year is going to be my best ever in both of my companies.

My main focuses for the next year are -

To build The Inspire Network, to push women to as much success as I can, to inspire them to grow and thrive and to make sure that all businesses are seen equally from the smallest kitchen table business to large corporations.  I want to nurture them with love and kindness and find out what they really need to know and then provide the experts to give them that information whilst working with some more closely and offering mentoring to a small proportion of them.

To continue the success of Mandy Charlton Photography and to move forward with my new workshops which help people to get out and not only take better photographs but also to encourage them to get out more and discover their local area.  I also want to start teaching the business of photography and social media for photographers, I've spent my entire business life leveraging the power of social media to build my business and now it's time to help others start up their own businesses empowering them with the information they need, something that I never had and would have loved to have known.

The future is surely bright!

I was sent a selection of pens for National Handwriting Day, it's a brand I already have a lot of and I admit to being a hoarder of pretty stationary, they did not pay me to write this article.



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