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Thursday, November 16, 2017

12 Best Christmas Gifts For Mums

The 12 best Christmas gifts for mums. Show the mums in your life that you love them with these perfect Christmas presents. Shop my Christmas gift guide for mums now, by photographer, writer and blogger Mandy Charlton.

The best gifts for mums this Christmas

When I was writing this 12 best Christmas gifts for mums guide, I wanted to feature items for all budgets and I didn't want to assume that all mums were the same, some of use are busy business mums, some of us are stay at home, work super hard looking after small ones, some of us are great power women, and one or two of us are a combination of all 3 things. I hope you love some of these ideas, I'd be delighted to get any of them in my Christmas sack!

This gift guide would not have been possible without the collaboration of the lovely companies involved, I'm so appreciative and I know you will love these 12 ideas to make mum's Christmas the best ever!

This candle and diffuser by Amphora Aromatics would make a lovely gift for mums this Christmas

A relaxing treat

1. Amphora Aromatics Candles and Diffusers - mums always love candles and lovely scented things, I think that whilst candles used to be indulgent now they're just part of life, look at Jo Malone. Well thankfully just as lovely without the huge price-tag, Amphora Aromatics have a beautiful selection of candles and diffusers available, you may even want to treat yourself to one whilst you're doing your Christmas shopping.

This fragrance by Babe is a classic - the perfect gift for mums who love a timeless fragrance

For mums who love a timeless classic

2. In 1976, Babe was the fragrance for women, it made over 75 million and now it's back, it's re-released and I have to say I love the smell, okay, the name, well, it was of it's time but as a fragrance it's powdery and has sandalwood and when it fades it's long lasting proving that good fragrance is timeless. The perfect gift for a mum who loves a classic fragrance. 

A gift idea for coffee lovers on the go

A gift for coffee lovers 

3.  Coffee and tea is a requirement and if I can keep it warm and not spill it all over my desk then I'm doing pretty well, this William Morris Ecoffee cup is made with bamboo fibre and reusable time and time again, being a huge fan of William Morris, this won't be gifted to anyone but me!

This vanilla milk with valerian, Sleepwell Milk, is a thoughtful gift for mums this Christmas

The gift of great sleep

4. Now this Sleepwell Milk might not be the most traditional of presents but I don't sleep and I'm not the biggest fan of Horlics, this stuff is vanilla milk which also contains valerian, a herb known for relaxation and sleep, you can either drink it cold or warmed, have it warmed, it's delicious and it definitely helped me one night when I had already counted all of the sheep in the whole of the land. This would be a thoughtful gift for mums that are kept awake by the kids and could do with a restful night of sleep. 

This afternoon tea hamper by Dobbies is the perfect gift for mums and the whole family

A luxury hamper 

5. Dobbies, my all time favourite garden centre, where Holly Bobbins and I like to wander around on cold rainy winter days sent this afternoon tea hamper and before I'd even photographed it Abigail demanded it in her Christmas presents, she's only 15, this tells me that this gift is going to go down well in any household and if you can tell me how I can hide it so that I can have it, I'd be very appreciative!!

This Yoga Bellies towel with carrying strap is the perfect gift for yoga enthusiasts

A gift for yoga mums

6.  Yoga is for life and this fabulous Yoga Bellies towel with carrying strap is a must for any yoga mums out there this Christmas, this thing soaks up sweat without any bunching, it grips better as it gets wetter and it retails for only £19.99. 

A gift idea for mums who travel, part of my gift guide for mums this Christmas

The multi-tasking mum essential

7.  This Camo Pouch makeup and jewellery roll is perfect for travel, it not only holds your essentials but you can turn it into a freestanding pot on your desk, I actually think it's perfect for pen or makeup brush storage! For mums who travel this would make a lovely gift this Christmas. 

The perfect gift for mums who pamper and love natural skin products

For mums who pamper 

8. This Christmas buy mum something lovely from Nadur, a natural skin company based in Cork, Ireland, this Stop the Clock, super berry face oil is perfect for mums like me (of a certain age) as it supports the development of new collagen, the next time you see me, I shall look 22, well, maybe! A beautiful stocking filler idea for mums who love to pamper their skin with goodness.

Jewellery is a lovely gift idea for mums this Christmas

A special gift to wear everyday

9. This friendship bracelet from Giftpup is sure to make a mum's heart swell with pride every time she looks at it remembering just how fabulous her children are to have bought her such a beautiful present, it retails for around £35 so it won't break the bank either and it really is a lovely thing indeed. Jewellery is always a wonderful gift for mums, especially something that's personalised or engraved. 

This crumbly fudge is the best gift for mums with a sweet tooth

For mums with a sweet tooth

10.Crumbly fudge from Buttermilk is one of those essentials of Christmas and if your mum has a sweet tooth like me then she's going to actually love this stuff, what could be more Christmassy than Gingerbread fudge or Irish cream fudge, perfect for a twinkly lit night watching movies and sharing some crumbly fudge. A delicious stocking filler or gift idea for a Christmas hamper for mums. 

Give mum the gift of mindfulness and peace with these colouring postcards

A mindfulness gift for mums

11. Adult colouring in has seen a massive rise in popularity thanks to it's known relaxation properties and I love these urban jungle colouring postcards from Reeves, show off your artistic talents and chill out all at the same time, a great gift idea for mums who love to practice mindfulness.

A stylish, practical gift idea for mums who spend time at their desk

For mum's desk

12. This  Scribe executive desk set comes from Robert Welch, perfect for the busy business mum's desk and I actually love the phone holder, I have mine on my desk holding my iPhone 8Plus.  This whole set comes in sparkling stainless steel for just £70. A gift that's practical, stylish and thoughtful - what more could you want for Christmas?

I hope this Christmas gift guide for mums has given you one or two ideas for every type of mum, one thing is for certain, get the right gift for mum this year and your life will be a very happy one, whatever you get her will make her smile of course and if you can't afford a gift this year, why not just give her a big hug and make some quality time for her, that's the gift that money could never buy!

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