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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Christmas 2017, Your Best Christmas Ever Starts Here....

It's hard to believe that 8 weeks today, Christmas will actually be over, it'll be Boxing Day and we'll all be lounging around in our new pyjamas reading our new books, smothering ourselves in whatever lotions and potions we've been lucky enough to receive as gifts whilst we force ourselves to manage one more Christmas chocolate, if you are reading this on Boxing Day, go on, you can do it, just one more!

For me, Christmas is an open season of cheese and one or two festive tipples, it's about gathering my favourite people, eating delicious feasts with buffets and cheeseboards and truly embracing the most wonderful time of the year.

It's well known around these parts that I am, the self-proclaimed Queen of Christmas and this year I've been dipping into Christmas magazines since they were first published at around the end of September.  This year I want to make some changes and that's where you, dear reader, come in.  Now in past years I've declared that Christmas would be an open house because no one should ever be lonely at Christmas (or anytime in my opinion) but this year as I won't be celebrating in the traditional way it's unlikely that if you turn up at 3pm on Christmas Day that I'll be able to treat you to a roast.  I don't, however, want to retract the promises I've made in the past so this year, should you find yourself at a loose end over any of the festive period and you don't want to be on your own please get in touch and come to my house.

The feasting period isn't just for one day and I can promise to feed you enough cheese that it comes out of your ears, I love having people over and though it's a very take me as you find me with no judgement kind of arrangement you are all welcome to come sit in the kitchen or the lounge and drink a tasty seasonal beverage, alcoholic and non-alcoholic always on offer as well as good coffee and great tea blends.

What I'm also doing this year, and this starts here, over the next 8 weeks I'm going to be cramming as much Christmas content, not just on my blog but also in my regular Huff Post column, I'll be publishing gift guides for teens, foodies, mums and geeks as well as an article featuring my favourite items for your Christmas parties and preparations and then if we make it to December there's a last minute gift guide and a stocking fillers gift guide heading your way too.   Holly Bobbins is going to be publishing her first ever gift guide for pets and I'm also going to be offering festive advice on cooking and making your home a delight with darling decoration ideas, think "Nigella of the North" obviously I'm not even nearly as glamorous as Nigella but I really do come into my own when it comes to Christmas, it's my season, the season of joy and wonder and because I don't have a special someone to share it with, you dear readers can be my significant others.

On the 8th December I shall be throwing an intimate Christmas soirĂ©e with the best of my lovely friends plus Looby's friends and Abigail's friends all gathering around my humble abode to kick off the season.  I wasn't going to throw a party due to some recent chaos but I was persuaded by Harriet that I should got for it.  The invitations are here unwritten and they'll be going out soon, in as much as I'd love to say it's an open invitation, for space reasons I'm not sure I could fit thousands of you in my lounge but if you know me and you're local and you'd like to come along send me a message, the more the merrier, it's not exactly raucous but we had a lovely time last year and many of the same people will be in attendance I'd suggest.

So, strap yourselves in for the most festive year yet and let's make Christmas 2017, the best Christmas ever.
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