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Monday, October 30, 2017

When Life Moves Too Fast - An Apology

My dear readers, those of you who've turned up for days angrily refreshing the page wondering if I'm ever going to post again, well I'm here, I'm sorry and it won't happen again.

After shooting 38 portrait sessions over 9 days, editing thousands of images and getting through 6 whole bags of chocolate coins (to give to the small people, not eat myself) I am about as up to date as I've ever been, well with photography anyway.  This here starts the catch up with blogging.

To those of you who think, "Oh well, she must be minted" yeah, I've got nearly £500 to my name, bills, business costs, general living expenses, raking it in, I am! Single parenting is something I would never have chosen but actually this life I have suits us so well and Looby has never been happier, we're back to a full home ed schedule this week and she's going to her first influencer conference this week as I'm shooting headshots at the Ellefluence Influencer summit , if you don't have your ticket yet, it's on Wednesday and if you are a digital influencer, you need to be there!

I want to wind back the clock a little because a couple of weeks ago I had the joy of spending some time with my favourites for the relaunch of Newcastle's favourite burger company (in my opinion) the Meat Stack, as an aside, every time I say that all I can hear is Duran Duran's "The Reflex" I hope you sing "The Meat Stack" for the rest of the day too!

So, big old fabulous burgers in squishy buns, fries cooked in dripping (veggie alternatives are available), the tastiest food you could ever hope to eat, oh and during the day, No 28 where the Meat Stack are residents, well it's child friendly too, I shall 100% be taking Looby to try the West Coast Classic!  My favourite is actually a veggie fave with deep fried paneer, seriously, I love meat but this baby is special!

Cocktails were also available but, sadly for me, I am more allergic to the sulphites in alcohol than I have ever been, sometimes I can drink a little alcohol but at the moment it's not even worth the risk of making myself poorly, I mean, struggling to breathe isn't exactly the most attractive look!

When I went to No 28, I was in the midst of just changing medication and had the most awful anxiety but thanks to my favourite blogging pals being there, I was completely fine, in past times I would have had Prosecco to get me through it so now it sucks sometimes that I have to be the real me which is more anxious, quieter, slightly more boring, yep, I miss the powers of a glass or two of Prosecco.

If you haven't ever been to No 28 you are missing an experience, you know they do bottomless Prosecco right?  well if I can't, you should and you should have one for me whilst you're there, oh and go grab a southern fried paneer burger or a west coast classic, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

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