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Friday, November 24, 2017

The 16 Gifts Your Foodie Friends Thank You For This Christmas

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This weeks gift guide is for those friends we all have, you know, the foodies, the ones who love a good feast and who embrace the season with the joy and knowledge that there's nothing quite so wonderful as Christmas if you love food.  I'd have to own up and put myself firmly in that category and this year I plan to feast as often as possible without guilt and with much enjoyment.  For me food is about sharing it with the people you love, there's nothing better than a big cheese board with a cold glass of Sancerre or a tawny port after dinner with some stilton, so let me take you through 16 gifts for the foodies in your life.

1.  There's really nothing better than good charcuterie and the foodie in your life will love this selection of venison salami, pepperoni and chorizo, I actually sampled these last week along with some amazing Quickes cheddar and Cornish Brie and it was the perfect combination along with some tasty chutneys and pickles, this fabulous set with many other gourmet foodie items is available from Farm shop larder.

2. It's the perpetual debate in my house, red or brown, red or brown, well now you can have 3 essential and very tasty sauces in one big box, the breakfast sauce is like a combination of the two and absolutely delish and you also get a chip shop curry sauce and a Sunday lunch horseradish, they really are sauces for all occasions, get them from the Salubrious Sauce Company

3. Guylian Chocolates, these have been a Christmas staple at our house for many years, those Belgian chocolate seashells, I first had them many years ago and have loved them ever since, you can purchase boxes of Guylian from all good food retailers and also online at Guylian

4. The Italians are of course the original foodies, they have treats for all occasions, Baci, Turrone, Panettone, Pandoro, I could go on... until I can get to Italy for Christmas I'm just going to have to settle with gourmet food paradise Nife is Life and whilst you're there, pick me up something tasty!

5. This Coffee Gator French press is essential for good coffee, do you know the difference between a good cafetiere and a bad one?  I can tell you, coffee grains are not a nice taste so do yourself or your favourite coffee lover a big favour this Christmas and get them a new french press, not only is it going to make your coffee taste better, it's also going to keep it warmer for longer!

6.  Now for something completely different, until I tried these, I'd never even heard of the the Jujube fruit, they're also known as the red date and you can purchase them in packets for a tasty healthy snack you can keep in your desk drawer, I actually love the ones with almonds in and everyone who sampled them in my house liked them, that's a rare thing indeed!

7.  If the foodie in your life is a fan of cooking asian cuisine then  the 10 of the spices you'll need are contained in this amazing spice tin which is then lovingly wrapped in this beautiful sari wrap, your foodie friend will literally let out a whoop of joy if they get this on Christmas day, and you can get your Indian spice tin with wrap from Spice Kitchen

8. Ever since this Gianduia Hazlenut and Chocolate spread arrived from the Nut Kitchen I've wanted to open it up and stick my finger in it, so far I've managed to resist but you can bet your bottom dollar that when Christmas comes I shall be having this for breakfast spread on some brioche.

9. Sulphite allergies are no joke and there's still a lack of good companies selling alcoholic drinks with no sulphites, luckily Heavensake is a  Sake brand which has produced the most amazing sulphite free sake to be enjoyed chilled, this beautiful blue bottle is sure to be the star of the show along with any Asian feast or you might quite simply want to gift a foodie friend or provide an alternative to the normal wine offerings at your next soirĂ©e.

10. Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in a feast of festive fudge and this Copperpot originals fudge is a family business who are producing the very best in fudge, will your favourite be apple and cinnamon or Christmas spiced, I can't decide because they're both very special, why not treat yourself to some Copperpot Fudge this festive season.

11. Whilst we're on the subject of gourmet sweet treats, this marshmallow toasting box from La Maison Guimauve is the ultimate sweet treat and it's guaranteed to make cosy evenings 100% better, just make sure you share them with your small people.

12. Paxton chocolate is lovingly handmade in Brighton and you'll be guaranteed to put a smile on someones face this Christmas if you present them with this gorgeous tin of chocolate Christmas thins, they're available in small, medium and oh my goodness I couldn't possibly!

13.  Ever had a Luscombe drink?  this Christmas for the non drinkers, the drivers, the teenagers and those who just want a delicious mixer you will not get better than Luscombe drinks, I absolutely love the Damascene rose bubbly, perfect for Christmas day and the apple juice with ginger which has a really festive taste.

14.  It's true that the XL Man Box from Ross & Ross does come in a box, it's not true that it's just for men though, it's for anyone who loves charcuterie, good beer, a chutney or two and most importantly some divine pork crackling, I love the stuff and so will your foodie friend.

15. There are many gins out there this year and in real life, they come in giant bottles so although I definitely won't be overindulging on gin this Christmas you can if you want Far Reaches Gin is even available on Amazon!

16. In mentioning small but perfectly formed things, this fabulous gift set from the Lyme Bay winery is perfect for those who love a taste of perfection, with fruit wines it's nice to just have a taste without having too much and with this set it means I can afford to have one or two whilst cooking in the evening or whilst watching a movie without the worry of having too much alcohol, the sloe wine is my favourite!

This gift guide would not have been possible without the collaboration of all of the companies involved and I want to thank them for their time, effort and involvement in putting the gift guide together.

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