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Thursday, November 09, 2017

Christmas for less than £30?

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Christmas is one of the most expensive times of year, when I was young and single I would embrace the season with open arms, I had five or six presents to purchase and I would spend hours making sure the colour co-ordinated wrapping looked as neat as possible with just the right amount of ribbon curls.  Fast forward to today and it's not that I have more people to gift (and I really love to gift) it's just that 3 of those people belong to me (well, so to speak) and as teenagers they're at their peak of expensiveness (I hope, blimey, I really, hope). So I received this proposal from Sports Direct, they have a gift section where they claim you can purchase gifts, I mean not just bad stuff you'll throw away, decent presents which will be loved, accepted and used for longer than 3 milliseconds.  Now with kids, that's a tough one but with teens, it seems almost impossible to me but hey, always one for a challenge I headed over to the Sports Direct gift department and unbelievably and I mean this with all honesty, I actually found some pretty good stuff.

In fact, I found so much good stuff that each of these T-Shirts cost £5 or less, I actually got 6 T-Shirts for £29 although one of them turned out to be out of stock but T-Shirts from decent brands like Marvel, Disney, Golddigga and Requisite (the horse riding people, their stuff usually costs a fortune).  2 T-shirts for Abigail, 2 for Looby and 1 for Iain, yes Iain, I never find bargains for Iain because he's just so fussy and he's 21 now but he's actually going to like this T-Shirt and will probably wear it until  it gets holes in a drops to bits.

If you are a single person, this essentially means you can go to town and spend £30 to wrap up your entire Christmas if you're only buying for nephews and nieces etc.  The delivery fee is a fiver but if you get your things delivered to your nearest Sports Direct store then you can get a £5 voucher back to spend on your next purchase.

Sports Direct was the last place I ever thought I would shop for Christmas gifts so if anything I'm glad I was set the challenge and it's proved there are bargains to be found, Christmas gifts for £5 or less and the possibility of doing Christmas for just £30!

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