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Monday, February 06, 2017

A Brave New Dawn

It's Monday, start of a brand new week and I have much to achieve, for the first time since Christmas I actually got up before my alarm went off at 8 am, I'd promised I was switching the Apple Bedtime settings back and unlike pretty much every day that's gone before I wouldn't then switch off the alarm and go back to sleep.  I'm even dressed and it's not even 11 am!

In closing Twitter off I've got a big gap in my life and that's what I needed, I was never going to achieve anything in all of the time I spent scrolling, even though I'd set up smaller lists, life has felt pretty weird over the weekend but I know it's all good, what's lovely is a couple of people who I used to speak to all of the time are now on my Facebook with all of the other lovely people of the world and I've upped my Whatsapp usage a little bit, it's lovely to have private conversations and not have to worry about what you're saying, how odd that I'm only just coming to this epiphany.  I think a couple of people I know do Twitter so well, you feel they are giving their all and they are transparent with no hidden bits but really, they're just better at social media than me, they're masters of letting people in but only as far in as they want them to be, to those people I salute you, I just can't do it, I'm either public or private and there's not much in between.

This morning I started to build my new website and as it's a blog site it really didn't take too much time but I congratulated myself that I could still point domains, change cnames and change templates without too much trouble at all.  I'm also so glad that I bought the domains when I did as it's a term that is on the rise, both in the urban dictionary and in real life, many of the social media accounts are already taken but I have adapted those, I'm only going for Twitter (oh yes, the blooming irony) and Facebook because I don't think I'm going to need Instagram and I'll use my own Pinterest as it's relevant.

The site is launched already because it's just not possible to not publish it, however, it's far from built and it needs populating, something I'm working on over the next few weeks and hopefully it will have it's big proper launch sometime around the start of March.

In starting the new site, I wanted to do something fun but I also wanted to do something which wasn't in my own name and that one day I can hopefully sell, I started with an exit strategy and worked backwards in many ways but I also wanted something I would enjoy doing and something that I could do from anywhere.  This year has been the year I've earmarked as transitioning to writing on more of a full-time basis, I'm not giving up photography, I love that too much but I also know I'm 43 and I won't be able to shoot weddings forever, I have big plans to become a digital nomad once the kids are finished school and so that hard work starts now, it's about preparation for the future, my future.

At the moment I am looking at making every aspect of my life the best that it can be, I'm getting to grips with things personally and professionally.  I am so lucky in my life to be surrounded by the best people, people I can count on for help and advice when I need it and I, in turn, support and help them in their daily lives, it's how life should be and it's taken me so long to find my own people, like a parent who has children later in life, I'm in awe of just what an amazing thing true friendship is.  I spent a lot of years feeling isolated because of myself and others, I was always an odd bod from my earliest days, a square peg in a round hole and it's taken me so many years to feel like I fit into any kind of group but I have and that's amazing, I mean obviously the people closest to me are also a little weird and esoteric but they're also special and most of all unique.

So what will the week hold, well hopefully hard work, satisfaction, I need to work on making some actual money this week, it's a quiet time in the world and I have children and animals I need to support and my dog is also hoping that this weekend's long walkies translate into the every day, hence the need to get up earlier in the mornings, an hour just won't do, my new work schedule should hopefully allow for a couple of hours in the middle of the day to get outdoors for my own mental health more than anything else.

A brave new dawn is just around the corner and I for one am ready to throw my hands in the air to scream if I want to go faster.

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