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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Why I'll always love Valentines Day

It's one week until Valentines Day and a few friends have commented, some have actually ranted about how much they hate this Hallmark holiday and yes I get it, it's commercialised, it's showy and really we should all be showing love to those we care about every day of the week, however and in the words of Christian from Moulin Rouge, "Above all things, I believe in love, love is like oxygen, love is a many splendored thing, love lifts us up where we belong, all you need is love"

I am a romantic, I think with my heart, I believe that if you have love in your life you can do anything, amazing Abigail made me a jar of 50 reasons she loves me for my birthday, it's the sweetest present I've ever had and one of the 50 reasons was "because you are proof that love is all you need" I spoke to her about it (after we both had a few tears together) and she said it didn't matter what we were doing in our lives I had brought them up to know that money isn't important, love is" Yay me for teaching my kids a good lesson and how amazing is Abigail to be so insightful at 14.9?

She's right though and I've written about how love is the highest of all powers many times, each time we put more love out into the world, the world smiles back at us and the greatest thing you'll ever learn really is just to love and be loved in return.  Sadly thus far in a romantic way at least it's something I've never quite achieved on any kind of permanent basis but when I have had it is when I have found my happy place.

The thing is, and we need to remember this, we have days that celebrate all kinds of things, so why not have a day that celebrates love and wonder, even if it is with heart shaped cookies, hang on a minute, it's a day that celebrates romance and you get to eat baked goods, are you freaking joking me?  This is the best day ever!!

I'm a die hard romantic, I love gestures, I love sending the people I care about small surprises to show that I'm thinking of them, cards, flowers, random animals with sad faces, chocolates, cakes, playlists, every day you make someone smile is a day you feel it yourself because the love we put out into the world always comes back.

I also realise that a lot of big manly men have a problem with showing the more feminine side of their personalities and Valentine's Day encourages them for one day to be the big romantic lead, move over Segal, Cary Grant is here for just one day and if that's what it takes, one Hallmark day every 14th February then I am happy to be on board because everyone deserves a little love and romance.

Over the many years I have had some of the most awful Valentine's Days on record, I've had cards telling me that I'm not loved, I've had painful dramatic days where I would be put through hell until the very last minute when late at night I would suddenly be presented with Champagne or flowers from the supermarket or the least romantic gifts you would possibly imagine so I for one should hate this sacred day, I should declare that I never want to even hear of it again but that's not me, I am forever living in hope that I'll just get my turn to have something more than heartache and disappointment, I guess like always being hopeful that someone will love me properly one day.

So if you hate Valentine's Day then I understand, I completely do and I'll try to always respect your feelings as long as you respect the fact that I am a hopeless romantic who lives in hope, someone who sends her friends and children cards and tokens on that special day because I feel there's not enough love in the world and because I think this day where we celebrate the greatest of all powers in the universe should be shared with everyone we care about, why wouldn't I want to show my kids or my friends just how important they really are, love isn't just the romantic kind, Love is everything, if you want to come and find me, I'll be over in the corner eating a heart shaped cake with pink buttercream icing!


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