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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Tale of 3 Men and A Prince

Prince Harry near the Baltic, Mandy Charlton, Photographer, Blogger, Writer, a Tale of 3 men and a prince

In case you hadn't noticed by the plethora of small people around the streets of Newcastle, it's half term and that means the chance to spend time with my lovely children as well as living at my kind of pace, not that I don't anyway but I love school holidays, they suit the bohemian in me and I think they suit Looby also.  It's been a weird old week in some respects and it's only Tuesday, who knows what might happen in the rest of the week.  I mean, today we only went for big walkies when who should we bump into? (well kind of)  only blooming HRH Prince Harry, yes, can you see him in the photo, that's him behind the lady with the red skirt, yes go me, Holly Bobbins nearly met a prince!!

So let's talk men, you know it's what you come here for, some scandal to fill in your coffee breaks, some vicarious tales of dating and Tinder and my ever hilarious quest to find someone who's the same kind of weird as I am.

Firstly I have to mention my darling friend Laura who runs ELLEfluence, she tweeted to see if she could find any suitors out there worthy of dating me, she was actually pretty successful and should maybe consider setting up a dating agency once she's taken over the world of Influencer marketing and blogger outreach.

So let's have a look at 3 men who've been awfully nice to me in the last week, all complimentary and I have no doubt upstanding members of their communities, sadly none my type but it's always nice to be complimented.

Man 1 - Hairy, too hairy, lovely but not my type.
Man 2 - Unhappily married, very complimentary but see the aforementioned statement.
Man 3 - Describing himself as so weird even the weirdo's think he's weird, sadly after chatting with him I found out he was actually quite quiet, really quite normal and not even in the same category as my kind of weird.

It seems I have a big problem!  The men who like me I don't like and the ones I like don't like me, perhaps because I actually don't look that bohemian even though I am, I guess I'm weirder beneath the surface than I am on the exterior, I have no tattoos, my hair isn't pink, let's face it, I look more like a school teacher than I do a bad ass bohemian artist/writer, I always have!  This is of course where Tinder et al falls down because you're asked to make snap judgements on appearance alone and as the saying goes you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, you should however like the cover, it should make you want to delve into the book, the same can also be said in reverse of course, it could be the most exciting cover in the world but if the contents have no substance to make you turn the page then you get bored pretty easily and quickly put the book to one side.  There's another scenario where my dog eats the book but I'm not sure what that analogy means yet!

One of my lovely friends has just happened upon the most gorgeous bearded bohemian and she herself is a beautiful tattooed bohemian woman, he's a little younger and she's a minx, she's surely going to keep him in check, after just one date she was floating on air and they were laughing, sharing jokes and lots of cat photos and you know, that's how it's supposed to be, I am so happy for her and I can see this being a great relationship in the future, she's the lucky one and I hope one day it's going to happen to me too.   I have a definite shortage of places I go where I can happen upon real life men though and whilst Madame Koo might be a great place for the occasionally dancing dalliance with a young attractive man I doubt I'm ever going to bump into anyone in my own age-group, I think from Saturday I've assessed that mostly once youre over 35 you tend not to go out dancing every weekend.

Anyway, don't pity me or tell me that one day I'll meet someone because I kind of know I will really but I won't settle and you know what?  I like writing about this stuff way too much to settle down just yet, in fact mostly I think I like writing about dating a whole lot more than I actually like dating, sucks to be me eh?!

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