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Monday, July 20, 2015

Come with me on a Scottish adventure

Well we did it, we made it to the end of term, the end of primary school forever and there were so many tears shed and hugs given to all of the teachers who'd played such an important part of my children's younger years, it was a day full of emotion and by the time we made it to our home for the week in Edinburgh Looby and I were both completely exhausted.

On Saturday we awoke to an incredibly windy day but for the most part it was at least sunny and not too cold, we wandered to Leith, back up Leith Walk and by the time we got back we'd amassed 20K

This last year I have blogged about pretty much everything from my life, business, work, relationship, travel so it seems quite appropriate to want to bring you dear reader along for the journey on our Scottish adventures.  It sunk in last night that I have a couple of weeks of not having to do very much at all, barring the odd 20K a day ;)

All of the photos I'm going to post this week are a mix of iPhone and Xpro1 which have been lightly edited using Instagram, yes I know it's a little lazy but that's the fun of a wifi card and it is my holidays after all.

Edinburgh is such a dog friendly city and it's also a child friendly city, its when you have both that there becomes a problem, lots of the pubs won't allow kids because of the Scottish licensing laws and so you end up with this strange problem of lots of places I could take Looby without Holly, Holly without Looby and not so many that meet in the middle, of course if it's sunny then options are extended, sadly it's rained nearly every day so far but I hold out hope that the weather improves over the next few days.

There are some places we have been which I feel deserve a mention for their welcoming attitude both to Looby and Holly and they are -

White Stuff on George Street, Holly has never had such a fuss and oh my, you must go and check out the changing rooms, no seriously, it's like a magic kingdom. I love to window shop in White Stuff, even if I mostly end up buying my actual White Stuff clothing from charity shops!

Gaia on Leith Walk, scrumptious Italian deli welcoming doggies and humans, it's only teeny tiny as is Castello Coffee just off Princes Street but they do lovely coffee and are both super cosy when it's throwing it down which is pretty much all of the time, did I mention it's rainy?

We also love The Roamin Nose in Stockbridge, lovely homemade granola and again super coffee.

We did also do something fun today for Looby and Holly, we went on the Majestic Tour, it was throwing it down and to be honest I was just glad to sit down for a while and see the sights.

We've now amassed nearly 50k in 3 days and had very little cake, we've been in the park across the road from us a lot and it would have been even more if that soggy stuff would actually just stop falling.

Tomorrow Looby wants to go to the charity shops of Stockbridge which means I'll be standing outside most of the charity shops of Stockbridge with Holly or maybe I'll just find the nearest dog friendly cafe and wait for her in there, wish me luck!


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