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Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Dog Friendly Scottish Holidays are almost here....

I get really excited about holidays, I research them, I plan them, I read everything I can about the places I'm going to and this year is no different other than we're holidaying on a budget, 1 week plant sitting in Edinburgh, whatever I do, don't let me forget to water the plants or a very lovely person might go off me! and then after Edinburgh we're going to spend 6 days at an AirBnB in Bo'ness near Linlithgow, cost of holiday in it's entirety is so far under £250 including travel which isn't bad considering we're going First Class to Edinburgh.  By the way, if you click on the Airbnb link you'll get £16 off your first booking, every little helps!  Obviously we'll have food to take into consideration but I am sure that we will still end up having a 2 week holiday which costs a lot less than it would if we were going to somewhere overseas and of course we'll be taking Holly, something we definitely couldn't do if we were going to a beach holiday in Spain.

I think for me I'm an explorer, an adventurer, a mummy and a dog mummy and so all I need to make me happy is some good weather, some dog friendly hotspots and some nice people to spend the time with.

Our lovely Airbnb hosts have already asked us to go for a trip on their barge through the Falkirk Wheel so we couldn't turn that down as it's literally so exciting!

I'm also planning to visit a friend and her family, we have known each other for 10 years and yet, would you believe we have never met, I think hugging my lovely friend Kirsteen in person is way overdue.

I'm ridiculously excited to go on the trains of the Bo-Ness and Kinneil railway, It's totally dog friendly and you know how Holly loves her train travel.

I've also been doing a lot of consultation with the Dugs in Pubs website, as I may have mentioned previously there are pubs in Scotland which due to the licensing laws will allow you to take your dog in but not your daughter, luckily they have a list of family friendly pubs for us to partake in luncheons and evening meals.

I can't wait to visit the areas of Leith (my dad was born there) and Portobello as they're apparently 2 of the most dog friendly places in Scotland and the area of Stockbridge was already on our list from last time we were there because not only is it dog friendly it's laden with Looby's favourite shops (and mine too if I am honest), charity shops!

Some of the plans include Ice-Cream at Afoggato, I hear they're working on a gelato just for the woofy ones!

Lunch at Zazou, Edinburghs only floating cafe, I know Looby doesn't especially like boats and I've already mentioned two but I am determined that we can get rid of her fear of canal boats at least!

Pastries at Manna House which is a bakery, totally dog friendly and I'm sure full of cakey goodness. Let me tell you that I have a weigh in tonight and one next Tuesday and then all bets are off until I come back from my holibobs!  Hopefully Holly and I walking so much will at least offset some of the cake!

I'm also planning a day out at Helix & Kelpies which is in Falkirk, a huge outdoor space with giant metal horse heads, an enormous outdoor play area and also a water play area it's perfect for children and doggies, I am taking 1 of each as a precaution, haha!

There are I noticed several National Trust for Scotland properties nearby us in both places we're going so if I can squeeze in one or two of those subversively it'll be a very good thing,  dog friendly in the grounds mostly at all of them I might just need to trick Looby into going, she's not a big fan of "Historic" which is surprising considering she's my daughter.  Oh well, it'll be terrible if we just happen to stumble on some of them on any of our bus and train journeys whilst we're there!

If you are reading this and think there's anywhere essential I need to try out please leave me a comment or send me an email , you know I always love hearing from you.


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