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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Catching Up and Working Hard with the CAT Active Urban iPhone Case

This summer has been such an adventure for me, we've been on holiday in Edinburgh and I've been all around the region meeting families and catching up with clients new and old, I can't think of a summer I've ever worked more than this one and it's a lovely feeling, I am so happy in my work at the moment, I seem to be pushing my own boundaries and I'm delighted with the work I'm producing for my clients. 

Summer has never been busier and I am the first to admit that I would be lost without my trusty iPhone which I always have with me and which I am endlessly dropping and scratching and smashing the screen with my wibbly wobbly klutzy fingers so when the lovely people at CAT offered to send me one of their new Urban Active iPhone covers I practically snatched their hands off, yes there were concerns about how manly I would now look but when the package arrived and I popped the cover on my iPhone 6 I was so impressed.

Insert moment of implied peril as they say in the cinema ;) apparently if you drop this case from 6 foot your phone will be fine, it's got reinforced steel in the sides, you don't get that with your average phone case, the other thing I have noticed since using it for the last couple of weeks is that it gives me a grip on my phone, those new pesky iPhone 6's are slippy and this of course leads me to drop them but not this, I can honestly say I haven't had one fall or tumble and I have been the length and breadth of the north east in this last couple of weeks, I have shot portraits up at Druridge Bay, down at Durham Cathedral, from retired couples to 9 day old newborns I am fairly certain I have given this phone cover a run for it's money and it's passed the test, so much so that I am a convert and will be using this exclusively even though I'm usually known for a more floral case, maybe CAT could consider something floral in their future?

Anyway, enough talking about the portraits (and a wedding) shall I share some photos with you?

So if you would like to book your family or newborn or kids photo shoot with me I can tell you that it's super busy, for weekends my next availability is Sunday 30th August and for weekdays it's Wednesday 19th of August so needless to say I'm not only booking for August but I already have a busy schedule for September weekends and also October is not only open for booking but some people already have their weekends booked, if you would like to know more about photo shoot prices with Mandy Charlton Photography and if you would like to book you can do so by email, facebook or my website.

Tomorrow I am off on a train early in the morning back to Edinburgh to photograph some lovely Edinburgh clients, if you live in Edinburgh or close by and want portraits I am up there around once a month so get in touch and I can put you into my shooting schedule!


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HopeO said...

That is such an amazing case. You can also check out wooden phone cases that are durable and bio-degradable which you can recycle after changing your phone without harming the environment.

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