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Monday, August 17, 2015

The summer of crazy, the summer of work..

This has been the summer of crazy, the summer of work, the summer of feeling like I've hardly a spare moment to breathe, life has become like a Japanese Bullet train hurtling along at a billion miles an hour.  In past years summer has been the calm time, the quiet time, the time to take it easy, not this year, I can't even remember a busier summer, I'm glad we took a holiday at the beginning of the summer holidays because it's looking doubtful I'll get one at the end.

Far from complaining about it, I love it, I'm in a place where I adore what I do, my clients are so lovely and wonderfully grateful for the images and experiences I am able to hand them, perfect galleries of expertly curated capsules of our time together, each photo shoot, no matter how it can seem at the time with the little ones looks like the easiest most amazing times spent together, charming families playing together, taking a walk or a stroll, laughing, giggling, a moment in time preserved forever.

The sunshine it seems has come out from hiding and these past couple of weeks have provided the ideal weather for fun photo shoots and on rainy days I've not worried when photographing families on their beds in their homes, an intimate view into a family in their living space, the places they love and cherish, people have such beautiful homes, it's a joy to shoot in their treasured spaces.

So, what now for the dog days of summer, midweeks are quieter whilst weekends seem to be full to the brim of kids, families, babies all looking for that most smily portrait to preserve forever.

Each day I come home and reflect upon my day, I go to sleep tired but with a smile, I'm happy and confident in what I but I'll never be complacent, my most important goal in life is to make other people happy and that in turn makes me happy, i want to bring joy into peoples lives with thoughts, words, deeds and photographs, I am the same in my private life as I am in business, I exist to be happy and for those around me to be happy too.

Next week my girls fly to Majorca with their daddy for 2 weeks in the sunshine, I can't help but feel just a little sad that they'll be so far away and envious that I want to be with them but this is what life has set out for me, and I know the weeks will fly over, particularly if I can keep a full diary, so that's where you come in, if you can do a midweek photo shoot get in touch, if you are bound by weekends then please book now for September, October and November, never underestimate just how busy work becomes in portrait season and now that I only shoot 3 or 4 sessions each weekend space will be at a premium.

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