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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Half term fun in North East England with the kids and dogs

Good Morning dear reader, it's Wednesday again, half way through the half term holidays so well done if you have made it to this point!  I'm having a bit of a chill this morning while I wait for Looby to come home from her friends where she spent the night!

It's been a bit of an epic couple of days here with days out at Kielder and my favourite National Trust property, Cragside

There've been a lot of giggles, a few hissy fits and the occasional 'What on earth?" and I have to say that I am a bit tired today but that's because I've been clocking up 12-14,000 steps a day!

There's no secret that I love spending time with the kids and I love school holidays, it just suits the way I live, no early mornings and waking up when your body (or your dog) thinks you should.  I've said for many years that if I had of known about home schooling much sooner than I did I would have done it, at least with Looby anyway as she's such a free spirit it would really have suited her and she's not at all looking forward to secondary school, she often says she'd love to just give it all up and travel around the country with me and she informs me that everything she needs to know in life she can learn from me or daddy.

I think the rest of the week we have a beach day planned tomorrow, sounds lovely, the reality is it'll probably be the coldest day out yet!  I also quite fancy a museum day but I think we'll have to leave Holly at home for that one unless we go to dog friendly Beamish, I should state now if you're reading and want to take your dog, I wouldn't if I was going for the first time as you can't take them in any of the buildings barring the pub but as we've been so many times before and a ticket lasts for a year it doesn't really matter if we just stick to the outside areas!

It's funny when you have dogs, you have to get to know places again, you need to discover the dog friendly spaces and places and I have a full blog post coming up soon all about the dog friendliest places in the North East, I am still on a voyage of discovery though so if there's anywhere you would like me to try or you run somewhere dog friendly you think Holly and I would love then do get in touch.

So lets have a few photos from Cragside and Kielder...

Petunia the Husky (Holly's BFF) doesn't like water, however, she's also a bit daft and didn't even realise she was in water until she was up to her middle!

I haven't been hiding an extra child, this is Looby's BFF who came along yesterday, she's exactly like Looby and together they're double trouble!

So that's been the week so far, I hope you're all having fun, do stop by and comment and let me know what you've been up to and I hope you all have the best time for the rest of the week.


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