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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Tuesday Cornucopia

I sat down to write this post yesterday in the kitchen in the afternoon while I was cooking a chicken dinner (my sons favourite) and doing 43 things at once dear reader, well it's now Tuesday morning, bit late but we got here eventually.

So todays post is a real cornucopia really, lots of things to tell you about!

Firstly on Sunday I celebrated my birthday by spending the morning in beautiful Alnmouth on the beach with Looby, Holly and Petunia.  Holly was also celebrating, she's a whole 8 months old now and she's just the best dog in the whole world, I might have mentioned that once or twice in the past ;)

She's pretty much off lead all the time now in safe places, I do have to say that her beagle deafness was pretty bad on the beach though and I had to go and fetch her from the middle of the golf course at one point, she's a bit spaniel obsessed and easily led once she finds them!

Whilst I wouldn't want a birthday portrait, I think it's essential to have one when you're as cute as Holly the beagle

Have you noticed that Petunia who perpetually has a silly smile on her face actually makes Holly look very serious and a bit grumpy?

In the afternoon we enjoyed the last light of the day in the park at Morpeth, it's one of my favourite Northumbrian places and I love a walk along the river.

The moon had just popped it's head out as I walked over the bridge and caught this with the reflections of the trees in the river, very pretty I thought and a lovely way to spend a birthday!

Business News

due to a cancellation I have availability this weekend for a kids/family/couples photo shoot anywhere in the north east, please do get in touch, it's only £25 for a photo shoot in Jesmond Dene, Saltwell Park or Tynemouth Longsands or at other locations from £40 and you get a complimentary print, web gallery for 30 days, 15% off for the first 7 days your gallery is live and further prints start at £10 for a 7x5, £13 for a 10x8 and £15 for a 12x8, the light is lovely in February and as print and session prices are due to rise at the end of February it's a great time to take advantage of the availability.  Also if you would like to have a photo shoot over the half term holidays could you please book your session quickly so then I can plan my diary around them!  I'll be available on Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat or Sunday depending on when bookings come in so pick your place first and then you get the choice!

I announced these late last week and there are only 6 sessions still available, for all of the details about this day of very special sessions on Saturday 14th March at Tynemouth Longsands please see this lovely gallery and post all about them but be quick, I don't think there'll be many sessions still available by the end of the week! 

Right then, bit of a jumble but back tomorrow as usual with hopefully some quite exciting news about the future.

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