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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lets talk about how crap Valentines day is!

Wednesday dear reader, hump day, all down hill into the weekend and I feel I couldn't let this week pass without some kind of mention or reference to Valentines day.

Now I've never been a big fan of the day when we all feel an enforced pressure to tell the people we share our life with that we love them, all of those years being married and it always felt way too forced even if we could usually share those feelings on other days.

It'll be easier this year, I plan to spend the day with Holly the beagle and I'll tell her I love her and she'll give me a wet nose and a snuggle, it's the way forward I feel.

The thing about love though is it's a daily commitment to try to make each others lives better, more wonderful, it'a almost certainly not about garage flowers, crap cards and enforced sentiment.

I've taken the decision no matter where I am or if I am lucky enough to be loved or indeed not loved that I will never celebrate this Hallmark day with crappy tokens of over priced tat ever again.  I'd rather have a day out doing something wonderful and plenty of time together because that's worth 1 million Tesco Valentines cards.

I'm all for showing love and being in love and embracing love but please don't do it just because a card company tell you that you have to!

There's another point here dear reader, imagine if you will, all of the people who might not have a romantic love in their lives, doesn't Valentines day just gesticulate a huge pointy finger at the lonely? There's so much smugness around and I know that I may have been responsible for that myself so I just want to say sorry. I took the decision a while ago to never share my relationship status on social media again, to never even comment on that aspect of my life because really the reality of the situation is that it's a private thing and in the days where we didn't have Facebook we didn't go around in real life with a note on our head saying "It's Complicated" or other such statements.

You know what I hate seeing on Facebook?  When Facebook comments that someone is single again with a broken heart emoticon, how crappy and absurd that is and does anyone (who actually understands what it means) display on their Facebook that they're in an open relationship?

I realise aspects of this blog post may seem, well a little bit ranty and a tad grumpy but you know what?  It is my blog! ha!  The truth is that I have tons of love in my life for which I am truly thankful, I'm happy and content with my lot and generally when I'm not happy you dear reader know about it anyway!

So go forth and love the one you are with and be with the one you love as often as you can be, show them that you love them with kind words and deeds instead of a mass produced card from Morrisons!

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