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Monday, September 08, 2014

On friends, on lunch and on sorting out my house

Today dear reader I bought myself something really special... A massive industrial strength tube of glue which claims it'll stick anything to anything, so far the washing machine and one of the kitchen drawers have been glued and hopefully are on their way to staying glued.  By the end of the week everything with cracks and breaks should be glued back together, my heart might take a bit longer because I don't think Loctite glue is meant to be applied internally, well not to people anyway.

I'm making a resolution to have a fabulous house, content happy children and more importantly a feisty, happy, fabulous me.

I went out for lunch with Aggie, one of my very best friends, she's pretty awesome and between her and her gorgeous little boy I feel so much better than I did this morning.

By the time my house is finished it will be an artistically vintage haven or as my children tell me "filled with other peoples old stuff"  I'm not a fan of the new and the flat pack although don't get me wrong Ikea Expedit do the most awesome functional cubes of which I have several.

If you want to book me for work I have come to a decision that week days I am going to work 9-3 which gives me plenty of time to spend with the kids when they come home from school and I should warn you that if you are looking to have a family photo shoot in Jesmond Dene, Heaton Park, Tynemouth etc I am now full at weekends until Sunday October 19th.  If you want to book a photo shoot for weekends after that please do it now or you risk missing out on beautiful photos and gifts you can give to your family.

I have a few outstanding commitments this week but mostly I am not going to go back into the office until a week today, I need a little time to sort things out including myself.  There's a definite adjustment period ahead for the kids and I, the cats and Petunia and I figure this, i'm going to start another 100 Happy Days project because I figure that, 100 days from now I'll be in really good shape and as someone who is usually extraordinarily positive I find when those less positive times come along if you can just find one thing each day to make you smile then it's a very good start indeed.

Let this be the start of a thoroughly fantastic and fabulous week.


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